HOW TO F*** WOMEN FULL LENGTH exclusive feature film CLIENT EDITION. Inside look at a Pickup Decoded BOOTCAMP! Sign up NOW for the FREE Pickup Decoded Newsletter! PREVIOUS VIDEO:… —————————————————————— ⬇️About Bootcamp ⬇️—————————————————————— So excited to display my Bootcamp feature film to you guys! You are finally going to get an inside, FIRST HAND, look into what my Bootcamps are like. From the moment I arrive it’s all about you, the student. I don’t care about me, or pulling a chick. My 100% focus is YOUR success. Quite simply, this is what I love to do at the end of the day. Your Game from Day 1, to end of Day 3 is going to see leaps and bounds. You know why? Because I’m going to make you VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. You’re going to be pushed mentally, I will challenge you, and many times you’re going to question why I’m making you do certain exercises. What I tell all my students, is “Do what I say and ask questions after.” I will never put you in harms way nor make you do anything homosexual. My intention as the coach is to analyze you, expose aspects in your game that you can’t see, and rebuild you from the ground up. For me, this is not a “social event”. I don’t call this a “Bootcamp” for shits and giggles. It’s intense, it’s dificult and you WILL be exhausted by the end of each night. One thing I guarantee you is that so much fucking momentum is going to be built. Your time in set will increase drastically, and produce better interactions. Your approach anxiety will quickly evaporate approach after approach after approach. Did I mention that you will be approaching a lot of women? Yes, ABSOLUTELY. We’re talking opening hundreds of women by the end of bootcamp. I recommend coming into this with zero expectations. When you feel pressure to open a set, remember that there is no need to feel pressure. It’s just a reaction that your mind is used to having from poor habits that you were previously conditioned to have. And we need to tear down those toxic habits and replace them with NEW habits. That’s what makes it so uncomfortable because…with new habits come MENTAL RESISTANCE. Remember that it’s a just part of the process and to ignore it. Women DO want to have a good time. Women DO want to be approached. Women DO want to experience an adventure. It’s a fun activity and completely normal. That’s how I need you to think. Maybe right now you’re thinking to yourself, “Well what if she rejects me?”, “What if I’m not attractive enough?”, “I don’t know what to say.”, “I don’t know how to get physical.” and so forth… Fuck that! What you’re doing right there is: 1. You’re placing women on a pedestal and seeking acceptance and 2. Making presumptions It comes down to inner game, it’s as simple as that. You and I are going to tackle all of these aspects brick by brick, layer by layer. No worries. I was there too! Enjoy the film and let me know if you have any questions! —————————————————————— 🔶Other Links 🔶—————————————————————— Enjoy this Full Infield PUA Footage Breakdown! View More videos at Visit the Blog page here: If you have any questions about anything or would like pickup advice go to my contact page on my website and shoot me a text, phone call, or email. Thanks for watching! Contact me on my website: Check out the Sex Talk Video: Find Me on Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: About Frank Haro Frank Haro is one of the fastest emerging Pua’s in the world of Pick up and Dating. He has coached thousands of men at his boot camps. Direct Contact Number, Please Reach out anytime @ +1 (323)303-2900

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