How to Fight Women Mind Games – Get Your Revenge and Make Her Beg You

Without a doubt, every guy has met a girl at least once who has messed with his head just because she could. In most cases, these guys end up feeling completely desperate and hopeless because of the mind games that these girls have played on them.

So, what can you do to get your revenge? It’s quite easy, really, most of all if you know why girls play these mind games in the first place and how they play them. Keep reading to find out ‘hidden’ secrets that can be put to use to turn the tables and make girls long for you instead…

How To Fight Women Mind Games – Get Your Revenge And Make Her Beg You

1. “The Disrespectful Game”. It a short amount of time, girls will eventually start ‘misbehaving’ by disrespecting and questioning the guy she is with. This usually happens after the girl starts getting more ‘comfortable’ in the relationship. If you are stuck with this problem, what should you do? It’s easy. If she keeps misbehaving and being rude, tell her that you will not hesitate to leave her.

Naturally, you have to come across as deadly serious while delivering this ‘threat’; otherwise it will just seem incongruous and hollow.

2. “The Jealous Game “. This is probably the most common mind game that girls like to play on guys. They could either play this mind game by ‘innocently’ comparing you with any other guy that they meet and highlighting your weak areas or they might just want to see you try harder by doing several things for her.

Now that you are aware of the 2 games that girls usually plan on guys, it would be high time for you to fight back. Give her a taste of her own medicine with a ‘subtle’ weapon called hypnosis. Aside from moral considerations, these are highly powerful techniques that you can put to use to make girls completely compliant to any of your requests.

One technique of ‘subtle hypnosis’ is known as ‘fractionation‘ and has the ability to make girls fall for guys in less than 14 minutes, while making girls depend on them emotionally at the same time. Fractionation comes in a two-step formula which can make anyone be an instant seducer and obtain the powers to seduce a woman quickly. First, you will need to get her to feel happy by asking her about her past experiences which make her feel especially joyful. Then, immediately switch to “sad experiences” to make her feel, well, sad.

Fractionation is powerful because it hacks into a woman’s mind and get her to feel emotionally addicted to you. Very controversial yet highly effective at the same time!

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