How to Get a Girl to Like Me? 3 Dirty Tricks to Make a Sexy Black Girl Notice You!

Have you been thinking – how to get a girl to like me? The truth is, if you know how you can get a sexy black girl easy! However you need to understand what essential things you need to do and say to make her even notice you.

The biggest problem that most guys have is their confidence. They talk them self out of the best options, simply because they are scared of rejection. This means they will never learn how to get a hot girlfriend.

I am going to give you 3 tips so you can stop asking – how to get a girl to like me?

1) Do Not Approach: This may sound silly but there is a valuable lesson to be learned here. You need to learn how to become the hunted and not the hunter. If you are the hunted, you are in control. This means that you call the shots and are not begging for a date, are you with me?

2) How to become the hunted: If you want to learn how to get a girl to like you, you need to make the sexy black girl notice you. What you need to do is make yourself look in demand. If you seem lonely and desperate, it will not attract her.

This where the dirty tricks come in. Brace yourself, the games I am going to let you in on are really cheeky. First you need to find out where the sexy black hangs out. You need to make sure that you are there.

3) Mr Popular: The next step in this plan is to insure that you have a couple of dates. yes, I said a couple of dates! I will let you think about how you will find these dates, they can even be friends that are willing to help you.

If you want to learn how to get a girl to like you, you need to create a scenario that will suggest that 2 girls want you. Casually turn up with date number one. Make sure date number two tries her best to chat you up in front of the pretty black girl.

The girl you really want (the good looking black girl that is in the venue) will witness this and assume you are hot property! All you need to do is make some casual conversation with the girl you really want. State that you are not really happy with either of the two dates because you like her. She will love the attention as well as your popularity and fall into your arms. Follow these tips and you will never have to ask – how to get a girl to like me? ever again!

Source by Linda Hilton

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