How to Get a Guy Hard Without Touching Him! Turn Him on in Ways He Only Dreams About

How to Get a Guy Hard Without Touching Him! Turn Him on in Ways He Only Dreams About

How to Get a Guy Hard Without Touching Him! Turn Him on in Ways He Only Dreams About

There are a lot of women who have mastered the art of seduction. These women seem to be in a position to turn on a man even without as much as laying a finger on him. IF you want to get to this level of being the ultimate seductress here’s what you should be doing.

Dress sexy
You have to be the visual treat of his dreams when you want to get him excited without touching him. Try a dangerously low neckline or a hazardously short number. Don’t go overboard and attempt both in one dress else you will end up looking like a tramp. Club your look with heels as high as you can wear, some high shine lip gloss and smoky eyes and you are set to get the mercury rising.

Wear a sexy scent
Tickle his olfactory senses and get him excited. Wear a seductively sexy perfume that will want him to come closer to you. Wear a perfume that is floral, aqua or woody that works wonderfully to excite a man. Make sure your hair smells fantastic and you could also use some scented body lotion to achieve the desired effect.

Touch seductively
Give him an idea about what your touch is going to be like by touching yourself or touching things around you. Take your well manicured hands and leisurely fix your hemline or you neckline. Play with the stem of your glass or just make slow circles with your fingers and see him get excited.

Talk softly
Talking in a high pitched voice is not going to work. Seductive talk is effective when a woman talks really softly. That way the man has to come close to you to hear what you are saying and this proximity makes him go crazy.

Get closer to him
Use opportunities to get really close to him. Let him almost feel your body and your lips but move away. You could also take your lips really close to his to say something and then stay there for just a second and then move back. That will definitely get his pulse racing and will make him really want you.

Keep your eye contact
Don’t get nervous in this seduction process. Maintain your eye contact with him especially when you are close to him. That will get his mind racing to what he can expect with you.

Indulge in some dirty talking
Talking dirt is not talking cheap. Verbalize what you like and what you would like to do to him and see him getting intensely aroused.

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