How to Get a Hot Girl Every Night – Using a Sure Fire Pick-Up Technique

If you want to know how to get a hot girl when ever you want than this article will be critical for your success. Here, I will reveal the secret that every single man who wants an attractive girl should know. And it’s the technique that every pick up artist or player uses, because it works.

The biggest secret isn’t even a secret at all. The key to achieving the results you want in the dating scene is perseverance. It’s a numbers game.

There are tons of other tips and techniques that will help you score the lady you want. However if you allow yourself to become dejected after an encounter doesn’t go so well, lose your confidence and take yourself out of the game, whether it’s for a few minutes of even the rest of the night, then you will be missing out on your potential.

I know how it feels. It’s frustrating watching other guys, who aren’t as good as you seem to consistently do better. For some reason they get the girl while you end up getting the cab back home with the same bunch of loser friends as last time and the time before that. A bad experience can shake your confidence and really ruin a night out.

Recently I met this guy. It used to take him hours and lots of drinks to get the courage up to speak to a single girl. Because he built things up and worried himself silly thinking about everything that could go wrong, these conversations would often not go very well. The knock backs would crush him, and once again he’d head to the back to the bar, keep drinking and head home alone.

After lots of practice though, and using the guides you can see in the links below, he came to realize that flirting and pick-ups mean nothing in themselves. The best way to respond is to move onto the next one and try again. Practice makes perfect.

As soon as his confidence was lifted just enough he soon started going out with an awesome woman and they’re still together. He doesn’t need to be with her though if he doesn’t want to because he found the secret to success. Try and try again.

There are lots of handy tips around if you want to know how to pick up hot girls, the best I’ve see are in the links below. However the most important secret is to develop your confidence, and use the tricks you’ve learnt often. Don’t get beaten down. Every time you approach a woman your chances get better and better.

Source by Steven N Miller

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