How to Get Her to Sleep With You – Fast

Seducing women involves eroding her resistance, making her think you’re the only guy in the world for her, and getting her to bed with you on the same night you met her. However, it takes a certain level of proficiency in the dating game to pull it off, but this doesn’t always help. Most of the time, Read on to find out what else you need to learn to go from good to great in the dating scene.

Seduce Her to Bed – 3 Essential Tips for Fast Seduction

#1. Go for the Date not the Phone number

If you aim for a phone number, you risk losing the attraction she felt for you. She will have men going after her after you talk to her and she gives you her number. Your shelf life inside her heart is short enough that she forgets all about you the moment she gives her phone number to another guy she likes. If you go for the date, there’s a possibility that she will take you up on your offer at that moment and agree to leave the bar with you.

#2: Cultivate an Aura of Mystery

Make her feel like she has known you forever, and she likes that you’re a nice guy who can be her friend. Then, just as she’s solidifying her impression of who she thinks you are, do something out of character like holding her close, staring into her eyes and kissing her right there. This will send her reeling with attraction, because you’ve managed to show her conflicting sides of your personality. She’s mystified and mesmerized, and that’s what you want to happen.

#3. Hypnotize Her

Fractionation or what we call seductive hypnosis is the fastest way to make a girl fall in love completely. You’re going to utilize the concepts of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to put her through an emotional ride in just 15 minutes. As a result, she will anchor her feelings on you and will fall in love with you immediately.

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