How to Get the Girl Next Door

How to Get the Girl Next Door

How to Get the Girl Next Door


Everyone would love of that ‘girl next door’ scenario where you can sneak next door when you please to a rather inviting hot female. You have some fun; you head home just after midnight.

Wherever you live if there is an opportunity to seduce a neighbour, take advantage of it! For you young guys out there, you have the best opportunities when you’re in your student accommodation. You share the same corridor with 100 other chicks!

For you older guys, you don’t walk directly past her door everyday, but im sure there is one on your street that you can’t help but take a second glance at.

Picking up your neighbour is a warm approach in some ways; you already have something in common, you share the same road name. It’s only polite to get to know your neighbours so she should be more open to start that initial conversation than some girl in a bar.

The Challenge


Don’t think that this is going to be a walkover; she knows more about you already than you think. She saw you getting changed in the front bedroom last week, and thinks you got to a little bit too much around the waist. She also saw you wear those dreadful boxers when taking the rubbish out late at night. Im sure the list goes on.

Plus if you balls things up, you’ll be the talk of the street and seeing her suddenly becomes a very awkward occurrence. There goes your invite for the street summer BBQ round at number four.

How to Get It

If you get it, then everything becomes ideal. It’s worth the risk of pursuing her just because if you do, you have a potential Sunday night girl, a potential partner, and potentially a shared mortgage. And the reality of it is, the worst scenario is you make another friendly neighbour (which means an invite to the house party in the summer, where you will meet all her good looking friends). She would rather avoid being nasty to you as she has to live next to you for many years to come.

Start by being the friendly neighbour who lives a cool life. The polite thing to do is to introduce yourself to new people on the street. Not enough people do it, hence the reason nobody really gets to know the people they live next to nowadays.

Keep conversation brief, and close it after five-ten minutes of conversation. You don’t want to be dragged onto the conversations of ‘what colours she is going to paint each room’ and ‘how close the local shops are’. That’s just standard conversation that the other neighbours would have had with her earlier in the day.

Tell her you love to get to know new neighbours and that she should pop round one evening for a while and get to know each other. Thing to remember is, when people are new to an area/place/country/company they always open up a lot more to meeting people. So she will be more than happy to come round, and will be glad that you offered!

Many of times I have approached girls that have moved to Bristol because of their job/lifestyle and didn’t know anybody just yet, so they didn’t require much tight pick up to get numbers from because they are in fact more eager than you to meet new people!


Plan for her to come round one evening, preferably on the weekend so you haven’t got work the next day. Stick the fire on (or if you don’t have one, make it cosy) and grab a bottle of red wine.

Keep off the dull conversation of being homebuyers and talk fun, about yours and her life, background, hobbies etc. Slowly but surely move onto dating/relationship stuff so that she feels comfortable sharing personal information with you. But draw the line with this; don’t start advising her on her love life because you then become the gay best friend.

Make sure you drop plenty of tiny indicators that you see her in a different way to ‘just friends’ by saying things like ‘wow you’re clever and cute at the same time!’

Remember to stick to the push-pull theory; always follow up statements of interest with a challenging question, teaser or disqualifier.

The key point to picking up your neighbour is to let her know your intentions at some point. Your attempt to get her may be seen to her as you being a nice neighbour.

So initiate the physical contact, push her around, prod her when she says something silly and tickle her when she deserves it. Make sure you are the one to call time on the night, but say how fun it’s been and she’s actually cooler than you first expected.

Plan to do something again, but make sure its something outside of your street. If she’s new to the area/city then you can show her something really cool and unique about your home town.

Always suggest your house for meeting up. Never suggest her house, because we use that as a huge statement of interest. When she offers for you to come round to hers, that’s when you know you can go for the close.

Take her out on the town with you (and some pals if it makes it more comfortable) but don’t drink ridiculous amounts; you want to go home in a good state. Suggest you head back because you have this well cool film you rented from Blockbuster the other day and haven’t watched it yet.

Head back to yours (make sure it’s your house you go to) and sit her down on the sofa. Before you even put the film on, ask “do you want to kiss me?” (Mystery Kiss Close). If she says yes or maybe, go for it. Only if she says ‘no’ you reply by saying I didn’t say you couldn’t it just look like you had something on your mind. Continue straight on to stick the film on.

The Ideal Date

You’ve just been on a few! My personal favourite is on the sofa, bottle of wine and a film because women open up more when it’s just you and them.

If the mood is right, they will begin to feel very comfortable in your presence, but to get this even the smallest things count such as lighting, warmth, music etc.

You do need to get her out of the house and to somewhere different with her though otherwise you will be ‘just a neighbour’. A Saturday night at a cool wine bar is a good move, but back at 11pm to watch a movie.

Maintaining It

Enjoy living independently for the time being; you live 10 metres apart so there’s no need to make dramatic life changing moves to be with her.

Keep the relationship how it is for as long as you enjoy it this way. As well as you she will enjoy having her own home yet living only a few gardens down from you.

Let her come to your house more than you go to hers; it’s not a major but is a statement of authority. Introduce her to your friends and be eager to meet hers.

Recommended Routines

IOI – “I guess you’re not just a pretty face… I like intelligent girls!” If you say this she will get what you have in mind. From her reaction you can judge whether you have done enough already or your not quite there with the attraction just yet.

Close – “I’ve got this well cool film I want to watch at home, let’s go cook some pasta and watch it, but out by 2am because I’ve got a busy day tomorrow.” This is inviting her back to yours but putting a stop to it so she doesn’t feel under pressure and knows when her exit point is.

Source by Vince Lynch

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