How to Get the Girl You Like – Improve Yourself Instead of Chasing Her

Man has always soft feelings for woman. These feelings become stronger at an age and turn into love when he meets a girl of his type. But it is not easy to make her like him too. Sometime it even gets tougher to know what’s going on her mind. Girls are always tough to be read.

So the question “how to get the girl you like” is worth of million dollars. As now you are reading this article, I think you are seeking for answer too.

First of all, I must say there are no specific rules to get a girl or to make a girl like you. Each girl is different. That’s why it is tough to understand them. So you need to use your sense of judgment to figure out the type of your girl and then you can use some of my tips based on how to get the girl you like:

Avoid friend Zone:

It is easier to make a girl like you as a friend than a boyfriend. So unless you want to end it as a friend, you should avoid the friend zone tasks. Guys often make a common mistake trying to make the girl comfortable. When a girl gets comfort from you, she will think you as a friend, not a boyfriend. So you must try to attract her first. As soon as she gets attracted, then it is okay to make her comfortable.

Be a man to her:

What you need to impress a girl is to make her respect you. You need to act confident while meeting her. Show her that you have a life of your own. Guys with Insecurity, lack of confidence and neediness soon excluded from the potential list of boyfriend.

However, don’t act too confident that makes you a jerk, like you can never be wrong or every word coming from you is a word of Bible. It will make the girl think that you are not the perfect guy.

Make yourself irresistible:

Having a perfect guy around is the dream of every girl. But of course all men are not perfect. So it’s necessary to take care of some things like

1.Take care of yourself: Don’t be a nerd who doesn’t take care of his body and his appearance. It will make you less attractive or may be no attractive at all. Pick a hair style that suits you, wear something fashionable.

2.Try to be awesome: be a guy who is fun to be around, who knows things, who tries to make things better because that’s what girls like.

3.Tone up your body: it is very important to keep your body toned. No girl likes a man out of shape. It is not just unattractive; it makes her feel that you cannot protect her when needed. Also a well-shaped body is a source of self-confidence. So hit the gym and do some exercises.

Talk to her:

The only way to get her attention is to keep in touch with her. Take her phone number. Call her sometime, but talk casually. If you two are in the same college or office, then often meet her. But let me remind you again “don’t lose your dignity.”

Take the chance:

After using these tips, if you feel that she is paying attention to you, then it is time. You have to take the chance. Take her out some place where you two can talk privately. Then tell her what you feel about her, what you think about her. Try to keep the conversation light. If she seems confused then offer her some time to think. I am sure that she will go for a “yes”.

Source by Alex J. Stevenson

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