How to Impress a Girl on Every Single Date

How to Impress a Girl on Every Single Date

How to Impress a Girl on Every Single Date

If you know two of the crucial secrets on how to impress a girl every time you take one out on a date you may be so good that women will line up outside your door to get a chance to go out with you. I say this with the utmost sincerity!

The single most important quality a woman looks for in a man is confidence. This is an absolute requirement if you want to impress the ladies. Without it, you’re dead in the mud!

Women get turned on by someone who’s not only sure of himself, but one who’s “got it going on.” This doesn’t mean you have to look like Brad Pitt or be as rich as he is either, it means you have to have at least some direction in your life. Yes, it’s true, women judge you by the kind of car you drive and what kind of job you have, or if you’re actually attending college with your eye on a good future. But the most important thing for females is feeling secure if it goes farther than just a first date with you into a full-fledged relationship.

So don’t be afraid to exude that confidence in the way you carry yourself; beware, however, that you don’t come across as conceited. If you really want to know how to impress a girl, treat everyone with dignity and respect, and this includes the waiter or food server who gives you bad service at your next dinner date. Be classy!

Don’t talk about yourself too much and show her you are a good listener, and that you’re interested in her life and what she has to say. One thing men tend to do when they’re trying too hard to impress a girl is they put the focus on what they like to do, what they’re looking for out of life, what they’ve accomplished, and whatever else comes to mind as long as it has to do with them. They completely ignore what the woman has to say. Many women quickly excuse themselves to go to the restroom when this happens and they usually call their girlfriend to let them know how terrible the date is going!

So in summary, if you want to know how to impress a girl every single time:

1. Be confident without being arrogant or conceited.
2. Be a good listener and put the focus on her.

Source by Justin Milano

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