How to Instantly Get Two Girls to Sleep With You in the Same Bed

Every guy has that fantasy of getting two girls to sleep with you at the same time. People say that’s impossible, but in reality that’s not true! It’s very possible and I’m going to tell how you can do it! All you need to know is to learn these three simple rules! If you follow these rules and practice a lot, you can get two girls to sleep in your bedroom easily!

1. Don’t be shy of saying you like to have 2 girls at the same time.

What I mean is that you have to have the mindset at the start, that you like to have 2 girls at the same time, and you’re not shy or afraid of saying that to anybody!

If you have the opposite thought, you will not succeed because you’re always thinking of failure. This is a key as this will let your potential partners to know that you’re serious about your intentions. Girls will pick up on this and they will attract to your intention.

Girls who don’t like that idea won’t attract your attention. Hence, you won’t waste your time with girls who don’t want to do it, but you’ll get girls who do want to do it!

2. Be honest.

This is quite simple really. You have to be upfront and honest when talking to the girl to agree to sleep with another girl. But you’ll be surprised how many will agree to it.

Unlike guys, girls are more comfortable doing it with the same sex if there’s a guy there. So all you need to do is tell them honestly and truthfully which girl you want to do with. If not, just pick another.

3. Make it feel it’s going to be fun!

If you’re quite persistent or make it less uncomfortable, all you need to do is remind them its going to be fun! Girls in general will do anything that is fun and exciting. If you have read any women’s romance book, most of the story talks about girls having fun and getting excitement. They all crave for it. If you do this, they’ll agree to anything that is fun!

Source by Tito King

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