How to Make a Girl Like You – Use 2 Easy (But Deadly Effective) Seduction Tricks

Several guys seem to believe that the only way they can get the attention of a woman would be by being rich or good-looking; however, this is nothing but a myth. The truth is: the most essential factors to get a girl to like you would be to have traits that top quality men have. You could be the most attractive or well-off guy around, but still get completely overlooked for other guys who simply have an aura of quality.

To show you what I mean, here’s a short story: Jack is practically broke and is simply ugly, with a horrendous beer belly. Yet, somehow, he still manages to get the phone numbers of smart and gorgeous women each time he goes to a club or bar. What is his secret? Well, Jack knows several smart methods to get within a woman’s mind that get him up-close and personal with gorgeous chicks every time. Here are two techniques that could make you totally irresistible, too.

How To Make A Girl Like You – Use 2 Easy (But Deadly Effective) Seduction Tricks

Technique Number One: Mystification. Many guys believe that women always send out mixed signals. Who says two can’t play that game? One great way to gain a girl’s interested would be to turn into a complete mystery and effectively guard your emotions.

This means that you have to take control of your feelings. If you feel jittery or nervous, you have to keep those feelings under complete control, in order to seem cool and calm. If girls catch you being very nervous, the game would be over for you. If you seem unshakeable, you will produce an aura of mystery, which ladies won’t be able to resist. You need to keep up this act of mystery and keep your true feelings properly hidden.

Technique Number Two: Fractionation. This sounds like a big word; however, it simply means that if you do not bag the girl in an instant, somebody else will. If you are trying to get with a hot girl, you can be 100% sure that around a dozen other guys are hoping to do the same.

Fractionation happens to be a special technique which gets women to connect with you instantly by taking them on a wild emotional adventure through mere conversation with her. If done properly, you could get girls to fall in love with you in less than 15 minutes.

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