How to Make a Girl Orgasm – Faster Even Than a Cheetah in Heat!

Every woman wants to be able to reach climax during love making – and the fact is this – the faster you can make her reach orgasm, the better your ‘sexual performance’ will seem to be. What often happens, however, is that whenever a man tries to make a woman come faster, she gets turned off instead. As a result, she will not feel the ultimate pleasure that she gets from sex.

So, what can you exactly do to make a her climax, and at the same time enjoy the process of stimulation? Read on to discover the tactics and techniques which you can immediately use to make a girl climax – like a cheetah in heat!

Firstly, you have got to understand that a woman needs sexual satisfaction that comes from NOT only ‘physical’ stimulation. In addition, she would need to be satisfied EMOTIONALLY or mentally also. You will inevitably head for failure if you cannot comprehend this simple point.

Secondly, you must also know what specific actions will get her excited sexually.

For example, are you aware of the ‘erogenous zones’ on her body? Does she get extra excited when you touch her G-spot or the surrounding area? Does she like stimulation of her clitoris over penetrative or oral sex? You will NEVER be able to get her orgasm quickly in record time if you do not know the answers to these very questions. Also, remember to continue to learn about the specific places on her body that will turn her on – this differs from woman to woman so do not assume that if you can turn on your ex-girlfriend by touching her little toe then you can do the same on any other girl and expect the same results.

Third, you should have a discussion with her – on the specific things that will turn her on sexually. Find out about her fantasies…and then proceed to make them come true. Accommodate for the kinky fantasies that she has got and she will thank you for it – trust me on this!

Source by Derek Rake

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