How to Make a Man Curious – 7 Ways in Which to Wet His Curiosity and Imagination!

You know that he likes you but you are not satisfied with knowing that. What you really want is to make him very curious about you so that he begins to want you desperately and pursues you like never before! These seven tips will help you to whet his curiosity and fire his imagination in such a way that he will be drawn to you.

Drop out of sight once you know he is interested in you
No matter how difficult this is going to be to carry out, it is important! Once you know he likes you and you find him displaying all the signs and symptoms of a guy totally smitten by your charms, disappear from the scene for a short while. This will make him go crazy wondering where you have gone off to! He will burn with curiosity. Use this time to look sensational and prepare for a great come back!

Be an uptown girl
All you have to do is invite all your friends. Make sure that your party becomes the “talk of the town”. While becoming excited about being invited, he will also wonder about the whole “do” and become curious as to who is invited. This will not only make him extremely envious and jealous that he is not included and will want to do this best to secure an invitation.

Pretend that you are not really available
Even while you subtly let him know that you are attracted to him, make sure that you keep your distance. This will make him wonder if he has a chance with you or not. If you engineer being seen with a really “hot” guy it will make him curious and even jealous. He will do his best to chase you and get to know more about you.

Get your best friend to call you when he is around
Receiving calls when he is around will make him curious as to who the caller is if he is interested in you. He will hate the sight of you “cooing” and whispering on the phone. This will make him wonder if you have a boyfriend and whether he is too late! Talk animatedly to your friend and make sure you have a dreamy expression on your face!

Get that close friend to send you a bouquet of flowers
Nothing will make him more curious than seeing you receive a gift or some flowers! Red roses will make him jealous and curious as to who your admirer is! This is bound to catch his attention and make him long to know if you are already taken.

Don’t answer all his calls
Even while you make sure that you motivate him enough to keep pursuing you, make sure that you don’t give in too easily. If you want him to become curious about you, keep him hanging and waiting for definite answers. Pretend to be busy, don’t answer all his calls and be sweet but keep him at arm’s length. This sort of behavior will excite his curiosity and make him even more determined to find out all he can about you.

Have a lot of exciting things to do
Just when he thinks he has you all figured out – show him a new side of your personality. Become like a diamond and display a new facet of your personality that stuns him. This will excite him and make him want to know you intimately.

Source by Krista Hiles

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