How to Make a Woman You Date Your “Love Slave” – Using Underhanded Tactics You Shouldn’t Tell Anyone

Many guys have a great deal of difficulty when it comes to making themselves irresistible to women. A huge number of approaches on women ultimately fail due to a lack of self confidence or low self esteem.

However, there are many other reasons such as not knowing how to flirt effectively, not looking after your appearance well enough and many, many other things. Here are some tactics to help make you much more attractive to women – but use them only if you don’t mind using “grey hat” tactics to seduce them…

How To Make A Woman You Date Your “Love Slave”

Tip # 1: “Generate Emotional Addiction”. Firstly you need to get into an emotional connection with a woman. Women tend to be less rational the men when it comes to dating and flirting so this gives you an opportunity to be in control and to further enhance your level of control, you need to get in touch with her emotionally. This means paying attention to her, showing an interest in her while keeping up the tease.

Tip # 2: “Emotional Rollercoaster”. You should also not be too predictable. Women appreciate spontaneity serve you come across like everyone else and just hit on the air in the same old fashioned way, she will likely be turned off. Standing out among the crowd means that you need to be exciting by not being predictable. You can achieve this by not constantly showering her with complements the first time you meet her. This can just sound cheesy and is ultimately unproductive.

Tip # 3: “Hypnosis”. For ultimate success, you should consider using a particularly dark method known as fractionation. To make yourself truly are resistible to women, you can use these methods are practically hypnotize them and get them to do practically anything you want. Be warned though, it is highly controversial and you will find the success rates can be overpowering when you have women all over you.

Source by Derek Rake

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