How to Pick Up a Girl – What You Should Do to Win Her

If you want to learn how to pick up a girl, there is one particular prerequisite that you should have: self confident. Being excessively nervous around your target won’t help and it will only make her looks down on you. Since there are a lot of men that want to know how to pick up a girl in a club, I will focus on that in this article. Here are what you have to do: engaged in social activities such as dancing and chatting while searching for eye contact with a few girls which you prefer. If you get eye contact, read her body language; if she seems interested in you (your instinct will not constantly right), get up and approach her.

If this is your first time, try this against a huge party may out of your league, so select a group of 3 or 4. Make sure she sees you when you walk toward her; keep calm, smile, convey self confidence, walk steadily, and keep upright posture. You’ll be examined and you must make great impression.

The next is starting conversation. If there is an empty seat beside her, you can simply use of the classic “excuse me, is this chair taken?” line. Else, you can talk directly with her by using lines such as “you remind me of -widely known movie star-, I assume you get that often?” or “that is an absolutely nice -dress/nail colors/necklace/other accessories-“. Just be sure that you are well-informed enough about girls fashion before using the last one so your compliment will seem honest. Any men who knows how to pick up a girl will not allow trivial thing like that blows their chances.

You will get rejections and it may not always your fault; she may have a bad day or currently interested in someone else. Either way, you must understand when to back off with dignity rather than being obsessive and desperate, forcing your luck and end up being a pathetic failure. In any case, you will not get anything if you afraid to acquire a few bruises throughout the battle, so suck it up and get to the next target (not immediately though).

If she delivers positive reaction to your opener, the actual battle starts. It’s time to show your value as the guy whom she can enjoy herself with. Keep her interested by tossing humor (stay away from making yourself seemed dumb though), keep the conversation under your control, never look for her approval, keep the conversation about her issues, remain mysterious, sustain body language that convey your self-confidence, and do not avoid eye contact. Additionally, continue flirting and teasing her as a signal that you have a “thing” for her.

Throughout the conversation, ensure that you represent yourself as the “man without issues”; this does not mean you do not own any difficulty, however, you resolve your issue by yourself just like a real man would. However, she can bitching and complaining all she wants; just refrain yourself from throw out rough judgment on her condition.

If you already understand how to pick up a girl, you’ll realize when the time to make progress has came. If she is already comfortable with your company, subtly place yourself so that you can have solo conversation with her; it is better if you can put her on a corner and put yourself between her and the other people. This is particularly good when you have a competitor attempting to butt in. During this period, try some light-touch on her arm or shoulder to test her reaction; if she back away, pull your hands and come up with a joke about it.

The next phase is separating her from her group by asking her to the bar to get drinks or dance on the dance floor. If you have confidence in your dancing ability, this is actually the right time to put it into good use, just refrain from overdoing it and end up embarrassing yourself. Within your time together, keep making physical contact; if she reacts by grinning, tease you in exchange, and keep her eye on you, you’ve got great signals. At this stage, even though you cannot take her home tonight for some reasons, obtaining her number won’t be that difficult.

I trust that now you already know how to pick up a girl (theoretically), so get out there and take action. You are going to fail several times, but if you hold on your ego and afraid to get hurt, you’ll never get home with the big reward. So either acquire a few bruises and come home with a hot girl or retain your ego and get home on your own while feeling sorry for yourself. It’s your choice.

Source by Alan Edward Robinson

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