How to Psychologically Convince a Guy to Date You? He Will Want to Date You After This Point

One of the best ways to get a guy to date you is by convincing him to do so psychologically. Here are a few mind games that will convince your guy that he has to date you.

Look effortlessly good

When you want to psychologically convince a guy to date you then you have to make sure that you look good. But the catch is that you have to make it seem very effortless. He has to feel like you made no effort to look good for him. Don’t make him feel special and he will want to get into your special list.

Be interesting but not interested

You have to make sure that you are an interesting person. A beautiful face without the intelligence is like an incomplete canvas. But as interesting as you may be, you also have to make sure that he never feels that you are interested in him to convince him to chase you and want to date you.

Show concern but not always

You also need to make your man see that you are not completely disinterested in him as that will make him lose interest in you. So show him a little concern and let that concern be genuine. But be sparring with it and he will want it more and more.

Be a little unpredictable and make him try harder

Your unpredictability is what is going to convince him that he wants to date you. As you blow between hot and cold, your guy vacillates between success and failure to woo you. This also helps in keeping things interesting for him and he continues the chase to get you completely.

Don’t answer his calls always

Being a little unavailable always has its benefits. While you answer most of his calls, letting the phone go to the answering machine at times helps you in getting him to want you more. Take your time to call him back so that he knows that you are not prioritizing him. But be immediate in answering if there is a crisis or emergency.

Make him have a great time with you

Make him have a great time with you. The more fun he has spending time with you, the more he wants to spend his time with you. So get goofy and spontaneous and show your man a good time.

Show him that you totally ‘get’ him

Lastly, psychologically convince your man to date you by making him see that you understand him well. When he sees all these qualities in you and yet you don’t push him to date you, he himself will make the move.

Source by Krista Hiles

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