How to Seduce a Capricorn Man – Ways to Make Him Crave to Be With You

You’re trying to figure out how to seduce a Capricorn man. It’s understandable given that one has swept into your life. Any woman who has ever been in a long term relationship with a man born under this sign will confess to the fact that although they’re not always easy to love, they are wonderful partners. Capricorn men will go out of their way to protect the woman they love and they’ll honor her in every way possible. Being loved by a man like this is an experience unlike any other so if you’re smitten with one you’re smart to try and find out ways you can draw him closer to you.

When you’re learning how to seduce a Capricorn man you have to tone down the romantic gestures. As cute and charming as you may think it is to tuck a love note in his coat pocket, he won’t find it as enchanting as you do. These men are really very romantic in their souls but they aren’t comfortable with frivolous displays of romance. They like to be the one handing out the loving gestures and they wait to do that until the relationship is established and strong. Allow your Capricorn to set the romantic tone for your budding relationship. Don’t do anything over the top or he’ll feel pressured into doing the same and if he’s not ready, he’ll find an excuse to end things.

Compliments will get your everywhere when you’re trying to seduce a Capricorn. These men may look a bit uncomfortable when you say something kind or positive about them but they secretly love it. A man born under this sign needs to have his ego stroked from time-to-time and who better to do that than a woman who adores him? Again, it’s important to temper your actions and words in this regard. If you constantly compliment him on everything he’s going to think you’re being insincere. Pick and choose compliments that are sincere and that you know will give him a little self confidence boost.

You can also seduce him if you strive to look your best and present yourself in the most positive light possible. He doesn’t want to see you greet him for a movie and dinner date looking disheveled and wearing sweat pants with your hair in a ponytail. He wants to see a vibrant, beautiful woman who takes care of herself and who puts in the time to ensure she looks absolutely fabulous each and every time she leaves the house. Knock him off his socks with your appearance and the man will want you even more.

Source by Gillian Reynolds

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