How to Seduce a Woman Covertly – Force Her to Love You Without Realizing It!

Many guys seem to think that they do not have the good looks to approach the girls that they like. As a matter of fact, some guys feel incredibly bad about their looks that they result to dating girls who are ugly. But, seriously, nobody – not even ugly guys – should have to stoop that low. So, if you wish to find out just how you can thrive in the seduction world and get the gorgeous girls that you want, keep reading and get that major boost of attraction now!

How To Seduce A Woman Covertly – Force Her To Love You Without Realizing It!

Technique #1. Confuse her to no end. This might seem nonsensical to you, but it happens to be a fact that the more confused a girl is, the easier you will be able to seduce her. You simply need to keep your girl of choice guessing so that she stays on her toes. See, guys who have completely erratic behaviors and cannot be predicted are normally the guys that the girls end up falling in love with in the end.

The ultimate rule in seduction would be to keep a girl confused, so that you can exploit her vulnerable state and make her fall for you as you please.

Technique #2. Play with her feelings. In seduction, female feelings happen to play a huge part. Because of this, you should never force girls into falling in love with you, otherwise you will never make it to the finish line. What you have to do is target her feelings and see how things go for you that way.

The best advice I can give is this: be ruthless on your journey to making her emotionally confused. The minute she lets down her emotional barriers, head on to the next tip below to finally succeed!

Technique #3. Seduce her through hypnosis. If you are more than willing to do all that it takes to truly succeed at female seduction, you can get this power; you simply need to want it – badly. If you think you have already gone through every possible trick in the book, though, and still haven’t succeeded in any way, you should really take a look at what hypnosis has to offer.

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