How to Seduce a Woman – Nice Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Game

What seduces a woman is very different of what seduces a man. Women are attracted by power, status and by strong personalities. In this article I will show you some cool tips on how to seduce a woman.

All women like to having power in atleast one of these things: status, money, intelligence, strength. So, you need atleast a little bit of these things before you start seducing the women of your dreams.

Your physic body is important, but its not the most important criteria that woman use to avaliate men. Charm is the key of success. Seducers that are good looking are capable of seducing a woman easier, once that attraction is already present. However, looks are Lost the most important thing in the seduction game.

In case that you are one of those men who cannot understand how some men are capable of seduce any women he want, heres a few tips that will help´you to get closer to these guys:

– Before seducing a girl, its important that you have a nice image ( not necessarily your physic image, its more related to your personality ). Do lots of friends and be polite when you talk to them. Never fight with them, because this behavior its not sexy. Try to develop a charismatic personality, women cant resists to a charismatic men.

– You know that beautiful women, that men are scared to approach and when they approach they don’t know what to say? You will do different. Pretend you didn’t notice her. When you cross with her, don’t laugh nor look. just ignore her. She will be crazy by your not-so-normal attitude and she will try to drive your attention at all costs.

– Is very important to wait for her signal. You must know that she is interested in you and waiting for your movement. Pay attention to her signals.

Source by Johan M Krost

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