How to Seduce a Woman Without Her Knowing it – 3 Covert Seduction Tactics You Must Know

How to Seduce a Woman Without Her Knowing it – 3 Covert Seduction Tactics You Must Know

How to Seduce a Woman Without Her Knowing it – 3 Covert Seduction Tactics You Must Know

Everybody knows that most men fail regularly whenever they try to approach women. This happens because they simply have no idea what they have to do in such situations. To succeed each and every time when it comes to this, you simply have to connect with women emotionally.

This can be done, believe it or not, provided you understand how tactics of psychology actually work. Here are 3 subtle tactics that you can start with…

How To Seduce A Woman Without Her Realizing It – 3 Covert Seduction Tactics You Must Know

Psychological Tactic Number One: Do as peacocks do. First of all, you have to stand out in a crowd. Beautiful women always have random men coming up to them, so you doing the same could do nothing but appear to boring and tiresome in their eyes, most of all if you don’t have any new methods or lines to offer.

You need to be completely different, if you want to get a woman interested and to get her respect. Keep in mind that being better than other men has nothing to do with winning her heart; you simply have to be different. Show good character traits that will differentiate you from the others and get ahead faster than all of them, as well.

Psychological Tactic Number Two: Master playing some mind games. Send a woman on a roller coaster of emotions with a particular tactic, wherein you need to back off the minute a woman shows any interest in you. If you do this with care, she will end up running after you out of sheer attraction and some frustration. The worst thing you could do, on the other hand, would be to approach a woman in an excited manner and openly showing how much you like her.

What you should do is back off and wait for her to approach you instead. As she does so, relax and wait. Whenever you stop running after a woman, she will end up flocking to your side because you will seem to be different compared to other men in her eyes.

Psychological Tactic Number Three: Use future projection. When talking to her, plant ideas in her mind on the stuff that she could do with you in the future. Make it sounds as fun as possible. This is a typical “future projection” technique used by hypnotists to create positive feelings in their subjects – and in the process makes a woman feel attracted to you quickly.

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