How to Seduce Girls 20 Years Younger Than You

How do you seduce young and innocent girls? Seduction is never easy, but it can become more complicated when you deal with a young and innocent girl. Here are 5 tips on how you can successfully win her heart, without losing her trust.

Not all young girls want to have fun. Most of them want to be treated fairly and generally, girls want to get into relationships for all the right reasons. Some girls who played the field early among older men attested to the fact that older men are more passionate than their younger counterpart; they basically know how to turn women on. As young girls may still be naïve to process their own emotions, older men make it easy for them.

Here are 5 tips on how to seduce girls successfully, even if you are 70!

1. Act your age. Girls are often attracted to older men because they possess wisdom when they talk and they walk with an air of security about them, regardless of how much is in their wallet. Do not talk and act like an unsure 16- year old around young girls – that turns them off. Talk sense! Why would they hang out with you in the first place if all they wanted was to be with boys their age? How to seduce girls is not totally difficult, provided you easily spot the clues and work on them accordingly.

2. Look your age. It’s OK to dye your hair, but don’t be lavish on gel and don’t sport hairstyles that do not become you – most especially, bangs!

3. “Looking your age” does not mean to look like you are a breath away from signing your last will and testament, but to look fit and trim. Do exercise. Take your vitamins and go slow with your drinking or smoking (or both). Be vigilant with your health because poor health is the worse indicator of age.

4. Older men can sport a new look that can take years off their actual age, but wearing clothes in fashion for teenagers can look disgusting. Relax on your notion that only young men get all the fun; older men get the young ones, too – provided they behave like the men these young girls want to be with, in the first place.

5. Behave your age. Maturity is one factor that seduces young girls and it has something to do with the older man’s ability to see things differently like home and family, finances and the future while their younger counterpart thinks of parties and girls. However, there are older men who behave like they are just out of puberty – they can be demanding, jealous and overbearing. Worse, they behave even a lot childish than their supposedly younger girlfriends!

6. Charm your way to their minds and hearts. How to seduce girls fast? Appeal to their minds and hearts. This is a lethal combination that not all men possess – the ability to appeal both to the heart and mind of their young girlfriends. Charm is not just all about warmth of personality; a jovial mood should go well with wisdom, which is the ability to determine when to say something or simply to shut up.

It is easy to create an emotional bond with girls because when sparks do fly, explanation may not even be necessary. It is simply there. However, to connect intellectually is a challenge because age gap can be a factor. The best advice for older men when they think about how to seduce girls is to act their age, look and think their age, but not to forget charm and sense of humor that can bridge the age gap.

Source by Derek O Curtis

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