How to Spot a Sexually Aggressive Woman? 5 Signs She’s Rowdy in Bed

How to Spot a Sexually Aggressive Woman? 5 Signs She’s Rowdy in Bed

How to Spot a Sexually Aggressive Woman? 5 Signs She’s Rowdy in Bed

There is just something so magnetic about sexually aggressive women that men find them totally alluring and attractive. The sad part it, there aren’t really a lot of this kind of women and even harder to detect if she’s really that aggressive. Of course, the only possible way to know that she’s really sexually aggressive is to get her to bed but that’s a topic for another time. Below are the top five ways for you to know how to spot a sexually aggressive woman in any time of the day. Just hold on to your reins a little bit tighter this time.

  • She’s not afraid to get physical. You tell her she’s got nice hands and she’ll let you touch them. You tell her you just developed abs and she’ll bug you to show them to her. You hold her hand and she grips them right back — maybe she’s just gutsy and a she-man but truth is, this girl is one hot siren in bed. She’s not scared to get physical and she’s very comfortable being herself.
  • She looks you straight in the eye. Maintaining eye contact can be a bit daunting especially when you’re doing it with someone you’re totally attracted to. Sexually aggressive girls can keep your gaze without wavering and they definitely love the attention. So next time you’re out on a date, observes if she prolongs her gaze — it’s way beyond flirting.
  • She speaks in a sexy tone. The bedroom voice has it’s perks and let’s be open to the fact that maybe she’s just born with a sultry, deep and sexy voice — but sexually aggressive women know how to project and maneuver this voice into their advantage — namely, successfully seducing you.
  • She tells you exactly what’s on her mind. Shyness is not in her vocabulary and she will not be afraid to let you know about her beliefs and opinions — why flirting with you at the same time of course. Don’t ever talk her down for she will definitely talk right back — while maintaining being sexy and appealing all the way.
  • She makes the first move. Now this is probably the most obvious sign that she one sexually aggressive woman. Not only do they love a challenge, they will love to make that challenge happen. So next time a woman kisses you first or get totally intimate without inhibitions (and by now she has totally got you under her spell), she will be twirling you in her fingers in no time. And you will love every minute of it, of course.

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