How to Win Your Ex Back – The Alpha Male Way

Before you read this, I must tell you this – this guide is not for the faint of heart, and it is most definitely not for women. In fact, any woman reading this will immediately accuse me of being a sexist pig – and rightly so. But you know what? This guide can help you win your ex back – and that’s what really counts, right? So read on to discover how you can get your ex back – the alpha male style!

First of all, what’s an alpha male, you ask? Well, they’re men who know their real worth! They know exactly how good they are – and they know that it is women who should put THEM on the pedestal, and not the other way around. In other words, alpha males don’t mess around pleading with their ex for another chance – they know full well that if a woman dumped them, it’s her loss, not theirs; and while an alpha male can get ten women like her, she’ll never meet a guy as good as him.

Sounds radical? Believe me, women fall for this more often than the typical “good guy” attitude and here’s why: women love to be dominated. They crave to have a man in their life who can take charge of them. Of course, too much dominance can be a bad thing in a relationship; but taken in moderation, a lot of women would be more comfortable with an alpha male who can take initiative and do things his way.

Why does it work? Because, above all, women respect strength in their men. If you show her that you’re strong, independent, assertive and don’t care a bit about whether she’s gone or not, you’ll send a clear signal that she had better not mess around with the break-up. You’re an alpha male and you’re not going to tolerate all the mind games that come after a separation – if she wants you back, SHE needs to step up to the plate and show you why SHE is worthy of your attention.

The simplest way to do this is to cut all contact with your ex. Stop calling her every day and following her around – an alpha male doesn’t do that. Instead, an alpha male will get back on his feet after the break-up and live his own life – with friends, gym, career and yes, any random women that come his way. In the meantime, your ex will be totally freaking out. She’ll start thinking that you’ve forgotten about her, that you’ve moved on and that she never meant much to you in the first place. Very often, this show of strength will drive her to make contact with you and, in a subtle way, encourage you to give her another chance.

Source by George Blackwell

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