Husband Having Emotional Affairs? Here’s How to Survive It

Is your husband having emotional affairs? I’m sorry you are going through this very tough stage in your life. I hope that this article will help to show you a core insight into why men have emotional affairs, and what you can do to recapture his heart, mind, and soul.

Why Men Have Emotional Affairs – The Real Truth

There are a lot of misconceptions about why men have emotional affairs, but it really comes down to one thing: Men need to feel admired.

Most women think that men “cheat” with the other girl because she’s “pretty” or “beautiful,” but it isn’t about physical attributes at all. You see, early on in the relationship, your husband gets a lot of admiration from you. You bat your eyes, play with your hair, and give off a lot of “signals” that tell him you admire and “want” him. As time goes on, these signals slow – or stop – and that leaves your relationship very vulnerable to outsiders.

Men Feel “Nagged” At Home… And At Work They’re The “Hero”

When admiration stops at home, husbands generally will only hear the “negative” things. Even if you have a very “healthy and fun” relationship, if he isn’t feeling admired, he is MUCH more likely to only HEAR the bad stuff – even if there’s good stuff happening too. Call it selective hearing, or ego, or whatever – but the lack of admiration will get to him. Then, at work, at the office, or out with his buddies – he’s the hero. He’s admired left and right by women, and that is the key to him having this emotional affair.

Here’s How to Win Back His Heart by Admiration, & Survive Your Relationship

Source by Joe Mayer

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