Importance of Relationship in Daily Life

Very often we boast of our social living quality in terms of relationship making. At the same time we forget the actual meaning of social living. We need to concentrate more on making relationships rather than breaking existing ones. There may be different types of relationships- parents and child relationship, lovers’ relationship, neighbors’ relationship, employee-worker relationship, teacher-student relationship, husband-wife relationship, friendship and so on. All these relationships are under the caution due to negligence or lack of temperament. Some silly thoughts and personality conflict lead to relationship break ups. Here are some common ones-

1. Neglecting the worth of relationship
We do not realize the value of relationship in most of the cases. That is why we start avoiding others. It is found that some strong relations are also subject to break up if such things continue over the years. So try to give proper respect to any relationship that you have had made so far.

2. Time factor, it runs too fast
It is true that sometimes excess work load becomes a barrier for us in keeping contact with others. But certainly it is a matter of concern that we get enough time in a week to make phone calls or e-mails or even messages to relatives. These are the great ways of keeping in touch with others. You have to take all the responsibility not only in the work place but also in life. Thus time management has become an important factor in our daily life.

3. Do not allow life to get on top
You are the master and have the ideas to lead your life. So other than concentrating more on work try to manage some time to interact with relatives. Relatives are the closest persons to you. They always stand by in good time or bad time where you may be in.

4. Share leisure with all
Sometimes you may be interested in spending your leisure in dating or with your girl friend. This may prevent you from interacting with other relatives. This really hurts. You should share the entire time perfectly with all so that all the relationships remain in the same place. Here once again your time management ability is sought.

5. Never expect anything from others
I would like to encourage you not to expect anything from relatives. You may have no idea about the situation your relatives are in. So it is better not to force them to do anything for you. Try to do something for them. This is possibly the best way to make relationship stronger.

6. Do not do anything out of jealousy or emotion
You must learn how to curb emotions or jealousy. Sometimes you may do something silly out of jealousy. This is not at all a good advertisement for you. Instead of that you must make the full utilization of your presence in others’ life. When you are able to do that something good is waiting for you at the door step. Encourage others; motivate them to do something special. If you are happy with others’ success you are the ideal man. Try to reach that landmark. Share your thoughts with others. It is quite evident that you will learn many new things from any discussion.

I would like you to change your mindset. Go for making a relationship other than breaking one. Your life must have some sort of significance. But first of all try to do the basics and pay the proper importance to each and every relationship what ever it is.

Source by Manidip Banerjee

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