Independence. #dogpatchphotowalk

Independence. #dogpatchphotowalk

Independence. #dogpatchphotowalk

Very honored to have won the contest! There were so many fantastic photos. I called this photo Independence because I was standing next to this little girl’s father (Bhautik) as I took these photos of her, and he was talking about how she is such an independent soul and he and his wife have spent these last 4 years getting to know this little personality. it resonated with me b/c I’m also very independent and am an only child. I thought the photo perfectly captured the spirit of that conversation and her obvious "independence".

I don’t usually gravitate to people/kids in my photos, but I learned an important lesson on this photo walk as she not only added an artistic dimension, but she also added emotion which is why I think this photo turned out so well! Good learning!!!

Posted by Paige O’Neill on 2016-08-15 02:51:47

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