Interview With Scout Taylor Compton, Star of Rob Zombie’s Halloween I and II, and The Runaways

Interview With Scout Taylor Compton, Star of Rob Zombie’s Halloween I and II, and The Runaways

Interview With Scout Taylor Compton, Star of Rob Zombie’s Halloween I and II, and The Runaways

For being only 21, Scout Taylor Compton has a rather impressive resume. She’s most notably played Laurie Strode in Rob Zombie’s Halloween I & II. She also portrayed Lita Ford in 2009’s The Runaways, which starred Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning and has had roles in various sitcoms including Ally McBeal, ER, Frasier and Gilmore Girls. Scout is as unpretentious as they come, which is always welcome when doing interviews. The following was conducted on Oct 16th, 2010, while Scout was on break during her appearance at the 2010 Rock And Shock Fest in Worcester, Ma.

The Scout Taylor Compton Interview

TIS: So you’re a drummer? Can you tell me what got you interested in that?

STC: For as far back as I can remember, I’ve been a fan of 80’s rock, and my parents were also really big music buffs as well. I tried guitar but wasn’t good at it at all, and enjoyed the movement of playing drums, plus I wanted to be a rock star since I was young, so that was my inspiration.

TIS: What kind of kit do you play?

STC: I play a red Pearl kit. It’s beautiful, and it’s my baby, and I love it so much.

TIS: Are you teaching yourself or taking lessons?

STC: I read tabs. I wish I was one of those people who could just pick it up, but I’m not that talented at all. But I’m learning, and I actually had to pick up guitar for my role in The Runaways as Lita Ford, so that helped me become really good at reading tabs on multiple tabs on instruments, which is a lot easier than reading sheet music

TIS: And you’ve recorded some stuff, which you also sing on?

STC: Yup.

TIS: How’s that going? Any label interest?

STC: Well I actually just started a new band call Rose Red, which I’m really excited about. It’s sort of a punk band. It’s still a bit of an experiment so it’s hard to say about labels for now.

TIS: So did you work with Lita (Ford) at all on your role as her on The Runaways?

STC: No. Lita actually didn’t have anything to do with The Runaways. I met her after I was done with the film though. She called me once at a convention actually. She called me and invited to come check out one of her shows, and now I’ve been to like three or four since. She’s completely amazing and I love her so much. I very blessed.

TIS: Who are you musically interested in right now?

STC: Oh shit. This is really bad, but I’m super obsessed with Willow Smith’s song “Whip My Hair”. Have you heard it?

TIS: Um, I don’t even know who Willow Smith is.

STC: Oh it’s dance music. I also like Automatic Love Letter, Alkaline Trio and a lot of indie bands. I also love Gary Jules. I also like a lot of jazz. A wide variety of things really.

TIS: I did an interview with Danny Trejo yesterday in which he talked about certain Hollywood actors who have grown up in the business, and lost touch with their humility. You seem to have not fallen into this trap yet. Is this something you’ve been intentionally conscious of?

STC: Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t want to change myself for anybody, or anything in my life. I would like to be treated, well, how I would like to be treated. For example, I just met Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl, who’s starting a band, and she was very rude. I would like to be treated with respect and that’s what I try and give back. I try to keep people around me who don’t let things go to their heads, and I think that rubs off on me.

TIS: Yeah, Danny said something very similar about keeping his friends around him to stay level headed.

STC: Yeah, it’s really important if you care about that sort of thing, which I do.

TIS: So what’s this I hear about Halloween 3D? Has Rob signed on for it, or is Dimension just milking the cash cow?

STC: It’s not a rumor, and Rob will not be doing it.

TIS: Wow, so Dimension is really trying to take it there?

STC: Yeah, they are. They’ve come to me with an offer, but they don’t have a script yet, so I’m at least waiting for that before I determine what I’m going to do. I think there’s a good chance they can completely fuck it up though. I’ve heard they may completely dismiss everything that Rob did with his two films, which is ridiculous, and I don’t want to be a part of that. I support Rob and all of our hard work, Danielle, myself, Tyler and everyone involved. For them to erase everything we did with those two movies is just ridiculous.

TIS: So do they want Tyler (Mane) to reprise his role as Michael Myers in 3D?

STC: Yes. They’ve actually offered it to him. I know that Tyler wants to do it, but I really don’t know if I want to do it. I really need to read the script and be the judge of it myself.

TIS: Yeah, right on. Have you spoken with Jamie Lee Curtis since shooting the Halloween remakes about your portrayal of Laurie Strode?

STC: No, I’ve never spoken to her at all. I would really love to know what she thought of my performance, but have never had the chance to speak with her about it.

TIS: Do you have any thoughts on God? Who or what He/She/It is?

STC: I’m an Atheist.

TIS: Right on. What lead you to that conclusion?

STC: Well I’ve studied so much, as I want to know everything before I make my decisions and I just don’t believe in it. Do you believe in God?

TIS: I do, but not a conventional, dogmatic understanding that is popular in today’s society. I also really enjoy eastern philosophy and metaphysics.

STC: That sounds nice. Very calming.

TIS: Yeah, I think so at least. So if I were to ask you what the best day of your life was, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

STC: The best day of my life?

TIS: Yeah, I know it’s a tough one.

STC: Yeah, oh man. Well probably the best four days of my life were when I took a road trip with Kristin Stewart (The Runaways, Twilight), and we took a road trip to Ohio from LA to see Rob (Zombie) perform. It was just such an overall amazing experience for me.

TIS: Sounds great. Well thank you for your time and good luck with Halloween 3D if you decide to do it.

STC: Awesome. Thanks for your time.

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