Is My Wife Having an Affair – 30 Questions to Ask Yourself!

Unfortunately the question, “Is My Wife Having An Affair” is a question that most husbands ask themselves. Recent studies suggest over 77% of married men have thought or been consumed by the idea that their wife is having an affair. The mere idea of your wife having an affair can send feelings of rage, jealousy, disbelief, pain and shock throughout your body. With this being said, here are 30 questions you might ask yourself to reveal if she is having an affair.

1. Is my wife having an affair if she leaves her cell phone out in the open or is it always neatly hidden in her purse, draw, or cabinet?

2. Has my wife recently purchased several new trendy and hip out that are a complete 180 from her normal fashions?

3. Is she spending more time with her girl friends?

4. Is there a sudden crisis in a friend’s life that demands she leaves in the evenings?

5. Does she often minimize the computer screen she is viewing when I approach and is this a sign that wife is having an affair?

6. Are there several instances when she must go out side when her cell phone rings?

7. Has she been purchasing or wearing more makeup during the day?

8. Does she have a sudden desire to spend more time at the gym working out?

9. Is she less affectionate in my presence?

10. Has she stopped telling me that she loves me when we talk throughout the day?

11. When I try and call her am I getting voice mail rather than her directly?

12. Is my wife having an affair if she spending more time during the day shopping for sales all while putting numerous miles on her vehicle?

13. Has she started talking more tennis, yoga, aerobics, golf or personal training sessions or lessons?

14. Has she started to consume more alcohol at night when I get home?

15. Is my wife having an affair if she will not look into your eyes the same way she did on your wedding day?

16. Have her best girl friends been avoiding me or seem awkward in my presence?

17. Are her girlfriends calling more frequently and at random times when I am home?

18. Does my wife’s cell phone bill contain random and frequent numbers that I do not recognize?

19. Has she been withdrawing CASH out the bank account on a weekly basis?

20. Have I noticed that she is more often than not TIRED from her daily activities?

21. Can she tell me exactly what her daily activities were without having to pause and drag out her sentences?

22. Has she stopped calling throughout the day to tell you she was thinking about you?

23. Has she recently purchased more purses, shoes and accessories to go with her NEW outfits?

24. Has she made seemingly pointless activities her number one priority in efforts to get out of the house?

25. Is she constantly deleting her text messages and call history on her cell phone?

26. Has she made a drastic change to her hair style which could suggest that my wife is having an affair?

27. Have I noticed that the tan line under neath her wedding ring is no longer there?

28. Has she recently started wearing bikinis instead of one piece bathing suits?

29. Do I find that when we are together there is no meaningful conversations with any depth or conviction of love?

30. Has the intimacy completely stopped in our marriage and does that suggest that my wife is having an affair?

Source by Daniel Marks

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