Jennifer & Alex [SDE]

Jennifer & Alex [SDE]

Enduring hardships together is one of the best way we know to bring a couple closer together. We can’t think of many things harder than becoming a doctor but that’s exactly what both Jennifer & Alex have done. It would be a little more intimidating if they weren’t so regular, at times you could even call them downright silly. For example, Alex got his groomsmen all matching gloves in honour of their workout group, the “Six Pack”. We couldn’t help but crack a smile as they all eagerly dawned their new leather attire.

Jennifer’s gift to her bridesmaids was considerably more elegant. She got each girl a necklace from Tiffany’s. From then on out, the day was an expression of their fun and outgoing personalities as they marched through the bubbles in their ceremony and danced their way into the reception with a choreographed, lip synced routine of “We Are Young” by Fun.

We always imagine doctors as no nonsense sort of people but as you’ll see here, Jennifer & Alex are anything but serious!

Music: “Counting On You” – Mikey Wax
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