Jennifer + Fred \ Serra Plaza NDE 8.18.12

Jennifer + Fred \\ Serra Plaza NDE 8.18.12

Jennifer + Fred \ Serra Plaza NDE 8.18.12

“Do you want a shot?!”, were the first words Fred said to Jennifer 4 years ago. Should we call this….”A Shot of Love?” It was so sweet of Jennifer to get Fred his much needed alcohol on the day of their wedding, especially with the little card that reads “Do you want a shot?”. What a great way to tie everything together from the beginning…to a new beginning. Congratulations to Jennifer + Fred!

This is the first time Flicknroll shot an outdoor reception, at the beautiful Serra Plaza in San Juan Capristrano. The day started at the OC Archery with the boys doing some Robin hood, then they all get groomed at the Logan Bros Shaving Co. The girls were prepping at the St. Regis Hotel, where the first look took place at the notorious staircase. The ceremony and reception were held at the Serra Plaza with beautiful outdoor lighting. Definitely a great experience for Flicknroll.

Directed & Edited by Thomas T.
Lead Cinematographer: Ailey C.
Cinematographer & Steadicam Op: Patrick W.
Venues: OC Archery, Logan Bros Shaving Co., St. Regis Monarch Beach, Serra Plaza San Juan Capristrano.
Songs: “This Love Is Magic” by Astoria Kings, “Fallin’ For You” by Colbie Caillat. All music licensed through

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