Judy x 3

Judy x 3

Judy Garland made three filmed versions of singing “The Man That Got Away” for a Star is Born, all of them to the same recorded version of the song. It’s the key moment in the film, when she’s discovered singing in an afterhours bar by the newly-sobered-up Norman Maine (James Mason) — and the first two versions – the bottom and middle version – made her look, apparently, too strong, too world-weary to be plausible as someone Norman Maine would call in love with on the spot and then mentor into stardom. The top version had a new dress designed by Edith Head, with a school-girl ribbon at her throat, and put her hair in a ponytail and bathed her in pink light. (My assistant at the time, Johanna Witherby, now a third year film student at UT Austin, did the technical work, taking the film version and the two alternate versions off the DVD and syncing them up for me)

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