Kanata Timeline History 1984 (part 3 of 3)

Kanata Timeline History 1984 (part 3 of 3)

Kanata Timeline History 1984 (part 3 of 3)

1984 (part 3 of 3)

September 4, 1984
Progressive Conservative candidates Bill Tupper (Nepean-Carleton) and Paul Dick (Lanark-Renfrew-Carleton) won their seats in the federal election. Kanata Standard, September 6, 1984:1.

September 5, 1984
Art Lamarche was appointed as the City of Kanata’s Carleton Separate School Board trustee. He was replacing Bill Broadfoot who was transferred to Washington. Kanata Standard, September 13, 1984:2.

September 6, 1984
Mitel Corporation announced entering into an agreement with the Ministry of Chinese Electronics Industry. The value of the contract was approximately $1.8 million. Kanata Standard, September 6, 1984:10.

September 6, 1984
Trillium Telephone Systems Inc. of Kanata signed a manufacturing agreement with Arfeen International Limited of Pakistan. The agreement was valued at $2.9 million. Kanata Standard, September 6, 1984:10.

September 6, 1984
The Auditor’s Report for the City of Kanata was published in the Standard. Kanata Standard, September 6, 1984:12-13.

September 9, 1984
An opening service of the Kanata Pentecostal Church was held at A.Y. Jackson Secondary School. Kanata Standard, August 23, 1984:20.

September 10, 1984
Enrollment figures were released by the Carleton Board of Education that reflected a slight increase from the previous year. Kanata Standard, September 20, 1984:1.

September 11, 1984
Kanata City Council hired a consultant to study Kanata’s policing situation. By January 1985, Mercer, Hinckling-Johnson was to complete a report identifying the costs and implications of four policing options that faced Council. Kanata Standard, September 20, 1984:1.

September 11, 1984
A study presented to Kanata City Council by City Engineer John Harkness proved that 20,000 vehicles go in each direction between Hazeldean Road and the Kanata North Industrial Park area each day. Kanata Standard, September 27, 1984:1.

September 12, 1984
Regional Council decided, by a slim margin, not to purchase the contentious 870 acres of wilderness land in the Carp hills. A development company and owner of the land, Aselford-Bradley, had proposed a subdivision and residential construction. The land was considered unique because there was almost no housing in the area and it was “full of wildlife.” Council had previously designated the area as “marginal resource restricted.” There had been mounting pressure on Regional Council to purchase the land for preservation, particularly from the Carp Hills Action Committee. There was much debate in the Council meeting on the size of development, the role of Council, and the meaning of land in a “natural state.” Kanata Standard, September 20, 1984:1,10.

September 13, 1984
A warning was published in the Standard of a youth in the area attempting to molest girls aged 5-11 in tot lots. Kanata Standard, September 13, 1984:1.

September 13, 1984
It was reported in the Standard that Beaverbrook sewers were in the process of being repaired, at a cost of $98,000. Kanata Standard, September 13, 1984:1.

September 13, 1984
Angie Taylor wrote an article in the Standard which stated that since the June 1 implementation of the Neighbourhood Watch Program, twenty crimes had been solved as a result of calls from the public to the O.P.P. Kanata Standard, September 13, 1984:5.

September 13, 1984
It was reported that the Hazeldean branch of the Kanata Library became computerized, at a cost of $6,000. Kanata Standard, September 13, 1984:7.

September 13, 1984
An inaugural meeting was held for the Kanata Senior Citizens Association. A brief formal meeting introduced the new Board of Directors and a draft Constitution. Kanata Standard, September 20, 1984:5.

September 18, 1984
Kanata City Council was presented with a report from the Finance Department that forecasted a mill rate increase for 1985 of 17.5 percent. In his March Notebook, Des Adam stressed: “There is nothing gained by postponing the inevitable. Before we set the tax rate for 1985, we must have a very good projection for at least the next two or three years.” Kanata Standard, September 27, 1984:3.

September 21, 1984
Chris’s Convenience Store was officially opened. It was located in a renovated heritage building on Dunrobin Road. Kanata Standard, October 4, 1984:10.

September 22, 1984
The Castlefrank Co-operative Homes Inc. complex opened in Glen Cairn. This was Kanata’s first housing co-op. Kanata Standard, September 27, 1984:9.

September 24, 1984
A new Seniors’ Drop-In Centre, located in the Mlacak Centre, was officially opened. Kanata Standard, September 27, 1984:7.

September 24, 1984
Steinbergs, in the Hazeldean Mall, began opening 24 hours a day. At the time, no other stores in the Mall intended to extend their hours. Kanata Standard, September 13, 1984:1.

September 24, 1984
The results of the first meeting of the season for the Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association meeting appeared in the Standard. The new Executive included Hillel Kaslove, Bob Hillary, Larry Demchuk, Erm Boyd, and Tom Rimmer. Kanata Standard, September 20, 1984:4.

September 25, 1984
Northern Telecom announced an $80 million expansion to their Corkstown Road complex. Kanata Standard, September 27, 1984:1.

September 25, 1984
Kanata City Council agreed to increase their own salaries by five percent. This brought the salary of Aldermen to $9,312 and the Mayor’s to $28,653. Kanata Standard, October 4, 1984:1.

September 26, 1984
Regional Council voted a second time in favour of a subdivision in the Carp Hills. They had approved the housing project on September 12, but agreed to reconsider the matter in this meeting. Marey Gregory of the Carp Hills Action Committee stated that the decision would be challenged in the Supreme Court of Ontario. Kanata Standard, October 4, 1984:1.

September 27, 1984
Trillium Telephone Systems Inc. of Kanata announced an increase in revenue for the second quarter ending August 24. Kanata Standard, September 27, 1984:11.

September 27, 1984
The Board of Directors of Mitel Corporation declared a quarterly dividend. Kanata Standard, September 27, 1984:11.

September 27, 1984
The Kanata Town Centre celebrated its 3rd Anniversary. Kanata Standard, September 27, 1984:13-15.

September 29, 1984
The Glen Cairn Tennis Club held its Annual Awards Banquet. Kanata Standard, October 4, 1984:17.

September 30 1984
The Old Quarry Trail was officially opened. The 1.5-km trail provided better access to various Greenbelt areas with interpretative stations. Kanata Standard, October 4, 1984:2.

October 2, 1984
Kanata City Council defeated a call for the return of the death penalty on a 3 to 2 vote. Alderman Eva James had asked Council to support a resolution asking Parliament to reinstate capital punishment “specifically for the offence of slaying of police officers and prison guards.” Aldermen Adam, Niebergall, and Lund voted against the motion. The motion was in response to recent police killings in Toronto and Nepean. Kanata Standard, October 4, 1984:1.

October 2, 1984
It was reported in the Standard that Katimavik-Hazeldean resident David Paul Bartolucci, 18, was charged with break and entering. Nearly $10,000 of merchandise was stolen from a local residence. Kanata Standard, October 4, 1984:1.

October 4, 1984
A.Y. Jackson Secondary School held their graduation ceremony, where a record 224 students received diplomas. Shelley McKay was Valedictorian. Kanata Standard, October 11, 1984:5.

October 4, 1984
Kanata’s first motel, the Journey’s End Motel, was officially opened. Kanata Standard, October 11, 1984:10.

October 9, 1984
Red Oaks Development Ltd. presented a housing proposal for Glamorgan Drive in Glen Cairn to the Policy and Operations Committee. The company required an Official Plan amendment to rezone the land to from low to medium density. Kanata Standard, October 18, 1984:1.

October 9, 1984
Kanata City Council decided to oppose Ontario Hydro’s proposed high-voltage transmission line route through Bridlewood. Opposition had previously been voiced at a public meeting on September 19. Kanata Standard, October 18, 1984:1.

October 10, 1984
The five Kanata community associations held a joint meeting to discuss issues of common interest. The result was that a joint committee would be formed to make recommendations on various matters. Kanata Standard, November 1, 1984:3.

October 11, 1984
Hans Daigeler was selected as the Liberal provincial candidate for the riding of Carleton. Kanata Standard, October 11, 1984:1.

October 20, 1984
Two janitorial women working in the Professional Building on Castlefrank Road in Katimavik were beaten and stabbed with a screwdriver in the middle of the afternoon. An Ottawa man, Claude John Larocque, was arrested later the next night and charged with two counts of attempted murder. Kanata Standard, October 25, 1984:1; Kanata Standard, November 22, 1984:1.

October 21, 1984
The Annual Mitel 10k race was held. Steve Findlay finished first with a time of 31 minutes, 15 seconds. Kanata Standard, October 25, 1984:14.

October 23, 1984
Kanata City Council denied Iber Homes approval for a revised plan on their 24-acre site in Katimavik-Hazeldean. The 196 unit proposal was defeated on a 2 -2 vote. There was a strong concern from residents that the plan fell outside the boundaries of the Kanata Concept, which was to have all single-unit dwellings. Mayor Wilkinson disagreed, stating that the original concept was not that restrictive, and always meant to have all types of housing. Aldermen Niebergall and Adam both thought the Iber plan did not reflect the wishes of the community. Niebergall later stated, in his Katimavik-Hazeldean Report: “Frankly, this turkey deserved to be defeated.” This is site had been in controversy since 1975. Kanata Standard, November 1, 1984:1,2, 3.

October 24, 1984
The Kanata Theatre opened Critic’s Choice, a play by Ira Levin. Ron Maslin, Justin Haynes, and Gwendy Tolley appeared in the production. Kanata Standard, October 25, 1984:7.

October 25, 1984
The Carleton Board of Education released its final statistics on enrollment. Schools in Kanata had the second highest growth rate. Kanata Standard, October 25, 1984:1,3.

October 25, 1984
It was reported in the Standard that Mitel Corporation had been recording losses for the past five out of six quarters. A company spokesmen, Bob Wright, stated that Mitel believed they were at the start of a “turnaround.” Kanata Standard, October 25, 1984:12.

October 28, 1984
Three members of the Kanata Judo Club won second place medals in a meet in Ottawa. They were Karen McDonald, Patrick Taylor, and Amnon Harel. Kanata Standard, December 6, 1984:18.

November 1, 1984
Days of Yore, a gift shop in Hazeldean Mall, closed its doors. It was the second closure in the Mall in less than five weeks. Kanata Standard, November 1, 1984:1

November 1, 1984
Grant Gelinas reported in the Standard that Kanata had been “snubbed” by Nepean in the hydro line issue. Kanata was attempting to reroute Ontario Hydro’s proposed lines away from the middle of Bridlewood. Nepean City Council voted to support the proposed route because “strictly from Nepean’s point of view,” Bridlewood was seen as the best option. An editorial in the Standard explained that this was a case of the NIMBY syndrome (Not In My Back Yard) that was becoming more prevalent in society. Kanata Standard, November 1, 1984:1,2.

November 4, 1984
Kanata’s largest park was dedicated “Walter Baker Park.” Kanata Standard, November 8, 1984:1.

November 6, 1984
A Citizen Task Force Committee was formed to deal with the proposed Ontario Hydro transmission line at upcoming hearings. Kanata Standard, November 15, 1984:1.

November 6, 1984
Campeau Corporation sought approval for the construction of a warehouse in the Kanata North Business Park. After some debate, primarily with regard to company not going through proper mechanisms for approval in an attempt to begin construction sooner, the building of the warehouse was approved. Kanata Standard, November 15, 1984:1.

November 8, 1984
Paul Dick, MP for Lanark-Renfrew-Carleton, was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to Government House Leader Ray Hnatyshyn. Kanata Standard, November 8, 1984:2.

November 13, 1984
Kanata City Council once again debated the Iber Homes land development proposal. Kanata Standard, November 22, 1984:2.

November 15, 1984
It was reported that Hydro rates would increase an average of 4.6 percent in 1985. Kanata Standard, November 15, 1984:1.

November 15, 1984
It was reported that Kanata City Council had served formal notice to increase its representation on Regional Council to 2 out of 32 seats. A Standard editorial claimed that this action was long overdue. Kanata Standard, November 15, 1984:1,2.

November 15, 1984
The Annual General Meeting of the Pinhey’s Point Foundation was held. The newly elected Executive was Bill Berry, Bruce Elliott, Marianne Wilkinson, Jennifer Roddick, Moira Dunbar, Isabelle Jones, and Ralph Latte. Kanata Standard, December 6, 1984:6.

November 20, 1984
The consultant’s report commissioned by Kanata City Council to deal with the issue of policing in Kanata was released. It recommended that Kanata pay the Ontario Provincial Police for protection through its local detachment rather than contract out to Nepean or set up an independent force. A future public meeting would further explore the issue. Kanata Standard, November 22, 1984:1.

November 20, 1984
Nepean City Council reversed a past decision and decided to support Kanata’s attempt to divert a planned Ontario Hydro high-voltage transmission line away from Bridlewood. Kanata Standard, November 22, 1984:1.

November 20, 1984
Kanata City Council delayed approval of a plan to build 24 townhouse units on Glamorgan Drive in Glen Cairn in order to allow residents in the area the opportunity to meet with the developer. The plan was presented by Red Oaks Development Ltd. A petition with over 100 signatures opposed to the development was presented to Council. Kanata Standard, November 29, 1984:1.

November 20, 1984
Kanata City Council approved an amendment by Iber homes to rezone 24 acres of land south of Kakulu Road. After much debate and voting down of previous plans presented to Council by Iber, this decision required a significant section of the Iber lands to be zoned single family. Paul Niebergall stated in his Katimavik-Hazeldean Report: “I congratulate Council in resisting significant pressure from the developer to adopt its plan based on Iber’s requirement of a certain number of units, failing which, implicitly, an appeal would be launched to the O.M.B. Council chose to place the single family dwelling component in that aspect of the Iber plan that would least impact Iber’s need for a certain number of units. The result was a reduction of total units from 196 to 182 approximately.” Kanata Standard, December 13, 1984:4.

November 22, 1984
Six Kanata skaters went to Whitby, Ontario to represent the Glen Cairn Figure Skating Club at the Eastern Ontario Section Championships. The were Jane Dowling, Stephanie Mullins, Nerys Parry, Leanne Smith, Susie Stewart, and Erin Montgomery. Erin Montgomery and Jane Dowling advanced to the finals. Kanata Standard, November 22, 1984:16; Kanata Standard, December 13, 1984:29.

November 22, 1984
Mitel Corporation closed the sale of its semi-conductor plant in the United States. A company spokesman said that it would help the company with recent losses over the past year. Kanata Standard, November 22, 1984:20.

November 23, 1984
The Earl of March Secondary School held graduation ceremonies. Sue Scott was Valedictorian. Kanata Standard, November 29, 1984:8.

November 26, 1984
A new Professional Centre in Kanata was officially opened, located on Kakulu Road. The $2 million development was already fully rented. Kanata Standard, November 29, 1984:29.

November 27, 1984
Kanata City Council voted in favour of negotiating a contract with the O.P.P. for police protection, in line with the recommendation of a recently released consultant’s report on the issue. The previous day a public meeting was also held, and the general consensus was that an independent force was not a viable option at the time. A Standard editorial questioned an apparent “lack of interest” by the community on this issue, “as demonstrated by only about 50 citizens, out of a population of 25,000, being sufficiently concerned to go to the public meeting.” Kanata Standard, November 29, 1984:1,3.

November 28, 1984
Regional Council approved new traffic lights at the corner of Eagleson and Kakulu Roads. Kanata Standard, December 6, 1984:1.

November 29, 1984
It was reported in the Standard that the newly completed recreational facility of the Dunrobin Community Association was open. Kanata Standard, November 29, 1984:7; Kanata Standard, December 6, 1984:4.

November 30, 1984
The Kanata-Hazeldean Lioness Club held a gala social to celebrate receiving its Charter. The club’s Charter Officers were Eleanor Bellefeuille, Sheila Maxwell, Colleen Laliberte, Clare Redtman, Pearl Brule, and Marilyn Desormeaux. Kanata Standard, December 6, 1984:5.

December 3 , 1984
The Mr. Gas station on Old Highway 17 was robbed in the evening by three males. Martin Murphy was working alone at the time. One Ottawa man was arrested. Kanata Standard, December 6, 1984:1.

December 3, 1984
Kanata City Council ended their review of the 1985 operating budget. Cuts had been made to the budget to minimize the tax increase at 13 percent. Kanata Standard, December 6, 1984:1.

December 4, 1984
Hugh Connelly from Goulbourn/Rideau ward was elected Chairman of the Carleton Roman Catholic Separate School Board. Kanata Standard, December 20, 1984:5.

December 6, 1984
Arctec Canada Ltd. won government contracts worth $71,000 and $225,000. Much of the company’s research focused on shipping in the Arctic. Kanata Standard, December 6, 1984:1.

December 8, 1984
Nine Kanata residents were awarded Bicentennial Medals at a special ceremony held in the Congress Centre. They were: Graham Ball, Bill Berry, Erm Boyd, Hank Docter, Barbara Farmer, Doug Foster, Linda Makela, Marilyn Foster, and Art Lamarche. Kanata Standard, December 13, 1984:1-2.

December 9, 1984
A new Kanata subdivision, Loch March Estates, was officially opened, located on the Old Carp Road in rural Kanata. Kanata Standard, December 20, 1984:29.

December 11, 1984
Kanata City Council rejected the proposal by Red Oaks Development Ltd. to build 24 townhouse units on Glamorgan Drive in Glen Cairn. There had been resistance from residents in the area. Also, there had been a meeting between residents and the developer on December 5 in which no compromise was met. People were concerned that a townhouse development may turn into rental units. The site was presently zoned for 16 semi-detached units. Norm Campbell, of Red Oaks, said that with the refusal he may look at the possibility of building 9 semi-detached units on the site, a proposal that would not require any change in zoning. He added that if that were to happen, it would be built as rentals due to the high cost of development, and further stated: “I wonder what a rental community will do to the area.” Kanata Standard, December 13, 1984:1.

December 11, 1984
Kanata Trustee Hal Hansen was elected Chairman of the Carleton Board of Education for 1985. Kanata Standard, December 20, 1984:2.

December 13, 1984
Mitel Corporation announced that it was putting one-sixth of its workforce on a four-day workweek to prevent further layoffs. As part of a government work-sharing program, 60 percent of the lost day’s wages would be covered by unemployment insurance. Kanata Standard, December 13, 1984:1.

December 16, 1984
The March Kanata Skating Club held its Annual Competition at the Mlacak Arena. Kanata Standard, December 20, 1984:35.

December 17, 1984
Kanata City Council received a report of the Task Force on Long Range Planning set up by the Ottawa-Carleton Regional District Health Council stating that the Grace Hospital should immediately begin planning a move from Ottawa to Kanata. Kanata Standard, December 20, 1984:1.

December 18, 1984
Kanata City Council granted $20,000 to the Citizen Task Force Committee to prepare a case against Ontario Hydro’s proposed transmission line through Bridlewood. Kanata Standard, December 20, 1984:1.

December 18, 1984
Kanata City Council approved a plan by Costain for a new 377-house subdivision in Bridlewood, located north of the CPR tracks adjacent to Eagleson Road. This site had been added to Kanata’s Official Plan in June, 1984. Kanata Standard, December 20, 1984:1.

December 20, 1984
It was reported in the Standard that the Kanata Sailing Club had elected new a Executive at its Annual General Meeting, which included Doug Milne, Phil Baudouin, Jim Thompson, Ken Eaves, Mike Farrell, Bob Myhill and Phil O’Grady.

December 26, 1984
A fire on Boxing Day at 8 Coady Way in Beaverbrook Mansions caused an estimated $30,000 damage. Fire officials were unable to determine the cause of the fire. Kanata Standard, January 3, 1985:1.

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