Kate Potts: Feral

Kate Potts: Feral

Kate Potts’ poems in FERAL are luminous despatches from the charged, porous boundary between ‘animal’ and ‘human’. They pull apart and remake definitions and categorisations of wildness and civilisation, training their focus on the language we use to describe youth, social class, and the body. From iron horses to grizzly bears, from deep-water fish to scanderoons, FERAL roams the limits of power, language, and love. Cinematic, playful, edgy, tender, startlingly imaginative and strange, Feral’s voices carve out a space in the borderlands. Published by Bloodaxe in 2018, FERAL is Kate Potts’ second collection, and was a Poetry Book Society Recommendation, and followed her debut, PURE HUSTLE (2011). Kate Potts is a London-based poet, academic and editor.

Pamela Robertson-Pearce filmed her reading a selection of poems from Feral at her home in north London in February 2019. The poems she reads here are: ‘Thirty-three’, ‘Animal Song’ (I), ’Stray Dog’, ‘Footnotes to a Long-distance Telephone Call’, ‘Pistons and Bones’, ‘When Glamorous Women Make Age-appropriate Dressing Statements’, ‘Wayfarer’, ‘Catalogue of Strange Fish’, ‘Lullaby Girl’ and ‘PostScript’. For more details please see: https://www.bloodaxebooks.com/ecs/product/feral-1184

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