Kathryn Davis – Take 2  (Title Track Music Video with Lyrics)

Kathryn Davis – Take 2 (Title Track Music Video with Lyrics)

Kathryn Davis – Take 2  (Title Track Music Video with Lyrics)

“Kathryn Davis – Take 2” is a title track music video to a prime time sitcom created by SAG actress and pop-rock adult contemporary artist, Marneen Lynne Fields. The song recently WON Most Inspirational Song – The Best of Las Vegas 2017 from the Producers Choice Honors at the Las Vegas Fame Awards on March 23, 2017, at the Hard Rock Cafe Live in Las Vegas, Nevada. This award is a bookend award with the song slated to also WIN Most Inspirational Song – the Best of Hollywood 2017 from the Producers Choice Honors at the Hollywood Fame Awards on November 8, 2017, at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, California. Series creator Marneen Lynne Fields is an award-winning and chart-topping pop-rock singer, ASCAP composer, SAG actress (Marneen Fields since 1976), scriptwriter, executive producer, and director.

“Kathryn Davis – Take 2” is loosely based on Marneen’s life today as a middle-aged actress and pop singer in Hollywood. The music video showcases an array of still photos from various acting and singing performances from Marneens recent career. Also included in the clip are the lyrics to the song, along with a few rare photos from Marneens childhood, and some from her teenage years. She won Jr. Class Homecoming Princess and Sr. Class Christmas Princess for Royal High School in Simi Valley, California (1972 and 1973). She also won Most Talented Cheerleader at the Southern California Cheerleading Camp in Santa Barbara in 1972, along with being the head of her high school pep squad as a song leader 1973.

Stella Adler trained actor-comedian, Julian Vazquez stars as Kathryn Davis’ Hollywood agent. Other featured actors and entertainment professionals shown in the music video are Marneen’s mother, Ruby Marie Farris-Fields, SAG actor and international cover model Pierre DuLat, actor Paul Bourgeois, PR rep Liz Rodriguez, photographer Mollie Caselli, entertainment reporter Maurice Dwayne Smith, actor Peter Allas, and SAG actress Lillian Robinson. Chris Walton (Guinness Book of World Records holder for longest fingernails) also appears, as does actor Jason Ellefson, actor-ballet dancer Michael Adam Hamilton, and high school friends Joe Smailes and Dave Barr appear as Marneen’s Homecoming escorts.

A Heavenly Waterfall (ASCAP) Song Publishing Production exclusively executive produced, directed by, edited by, and starring entertainment industry veteran, Marneen Fields stars in the LEAD role of actress-singer Kathryn Davis. Footage of Marneen as Marilyn Monroe at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California was shot by Full Sail University graduate, Eliot Sloan Johnson. Footage of Marneen performing in Jeremiah Comey’s theater, studio office was shot by Mollie Caselli. Video clips starring Marneen Lynne Fields are from the following acting, singing, and LIVE performances, “Shadows – The Musical,” the LA Music Awards Voting Party, the LA Comedy Awards 2012 and 2014, “Diva at the Beauty Salon,” “Pink Slip,” “Whitey,” “Hellhole,” and “Coke Girl,” a segment of Actor’s E-chat, Suburbia Hair Salon in Studio City, CA., the Los Angeles Actor’s Theater, the Laugh Factory, the Whisky A Go-Go, G.O.D. Awards red carpet, other red carpet appearances, and Creative Cuts Hair Salon in Calabasas, CA. “Kathryn Davis – Take 2,” music by Rory Wolman, with lyrics by Rory Wolman and Marneen Lynne Fields. Marneen’s vocals were recorded by Steve Valenzuela (Kelly Clarkson and Rod Stewart), at Grammy winner Tom Weir’s Studio City Sound in Studio City, California.

Copyright June 4, 2015

For more on Marneen Fields and a listing of the 150 film, TV shows, web series, music videos, and theatrical productions she’s appeared in since 1976, please see her imdb page at http://imdb.com/name/nm0276312

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