kingyo no hirune

kingyo no hirune

my project is about the eastern Asian beauty trend nowadays. In the culture, we have this general ideal looking standard for pretty girls. As the development of science and our medical system, plastic surgery become the fastest and easiest way to achieve the beauty. And the process getting so popular, especially in Japan, Korean and China. Basically this beauty standard is a hybrid and exotic looking. Extreme big eye, higher nose and fat lips are the most popular changing that Asian girls want to have. And it is somehow matching with the western genetic features, and we call it Westernize face.
Since this is part of the pop culture in our society now. I made the video in a karaoke music video look, in order to add on a pop culture atmosphere. Because karaoke is the most well know pop culture activity from Asia. And the repetitive gesture of the girl in this video, represents the phenomenon that girls are looks similar after the surgery and make up.

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