Knowing the Virgo Woman As a Lover – 5 Techniques to Make Her Yours

Virgo women are intellectual with a strong drive to succeed and be known — the most dominating positive trait of Virgos is that they are very humble, in all angles. When they work, they work for the success of the majority and find recognition and greed very distasteful. That’s why being involved with a Virgo woman is a lover will surely push you back to the right track — they are great motivators and communicators that they will never stop until they can see tangible results. To get to know her better, start knowing the Virgo Woman as a Lover now — plus techniques to make her yours:

  • Impress her with intelligence. You don’t have to start memorizing encyclopedias to do that — sometimes, it’s in how to speak or in how you catch her attention on something that interests her as well. As an intellectual, she also craves for a smart partner — and lover. So get those brain cells on gear soon.
  • Take over. Being bossy may be a little unpleasant to almost everybody but to a Virgo, it’s something we should call, “a turn-on”. Virgo women love men who make them feel every inch a woman — meaning you must know how to have control, take the lead and dominate her (but of course, that doesn’t mean you should be a push-over).
  • Show dedication. Virgo women are hardworking so a great chance says she expects the same with you. Practically, she would prefer someone who’s much more successful that she is, someone older or even someone who earns more than she does.
  • Shower her with compliments. Compliments are every woman’s weakness and a Virgo woman needs to be flattered every once in a while. Although they aren’t the once who feel very comfortable with being showered with recognition, they do when it comes to romance. She needs to know that she’s beautiful and desirable — it adds up to her confidence and be prettier and better for you.
  • Make her do something new. Virgo women are also very focused and dedicated to the point of exhausting themselves sometimes — they will not stop until they finish they’ve started. That’s why you’re greatest mission is to get her to loosen up and have fun once in a while. Do that and she’ll be even more romantic and good to you as a lover.

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