When we relaunched the KYO brand to the world, we needed a visually arresting spot to accompany it. I came up with the idea that butterflies (one of their pillar visuals for the launch) would fly across the world and transform from into the phones on each end of the journey.
Personalizing the connection between East and West, the spot focuses on a young, hip Japanese girl placing a cell-phone call to her boyfriend in America. In turn, the call itself is illustrated as an abstraction by a cluster of butterflies making a magical journey from Tokyo to New York City.
Conceived of as a more of a fine art piece than a typical hard sell commercial, the challenge in “Butterflies” was to integrate live action photography of talent, highly stylized illustrated environments and animated butterflies. The BL:ND team used several mixed media techniques including watercolor painting, hand illustrations, 2D & 3D particle animations to create the unique look for the spot. Special attention was paid to the watercolor treatment of the actors so that they would blend into the look of the spot and the meticulous animation of the butterfly wings to get them to look authentic.
Creatives: John Vitro, Taylor Crawford, Justin Ebert, Matt Dimmer
Producer: Joyce Schmidtbauer
Director: Erik Buth
Production Company: Blind, Inc.
Creative Director: Erik Buth
Executive Producer: David Kleinman
Post Producer: Rebecca Blankenship, Keith Bryant
Designers: Erik Buth
2D Animators: Maithy Tran, James Hurlburt
3D Animators: Yan Ng, Gabriel Guzman, Tom Bittikoffer
Line Producer: John Gomez
Director Of Photography: Christopher Probst
Wardrobe: Lacy Clear
Editor: Carsten Becker
Bronze Telly Award – 2008

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