Lahore Rapid Mass Transit Routes & Stations Map

Lahore Rapid Mass Transit Routes & Stations Map

Lahore Rapid Mass Transit Routes & Stations Map

Lahore Rapid Mass Transit (LRMT) System is a project envisioned to provide mass transit facilities to Pakistan’s second largest city Lahore. The project is expected to complete in 2020. In the first phase, two light rail lines will be constructed. The first Green Line between Shahdra and Hamza Town (Ferozpur Road) will be completed by 2011 and cost 2.4 billion dollars. The second Orange Line between Pakistan Mint and Sabzazar will cost US $1.9 billion and will be completed by 2015. In the second phase, Blue and Purple lines will be constructed..

Green Line

Green Line will start from Shahdara, Timber Market, Bhaati Gate, Lahore Museum, Regal Chowk, Ganga Ram Hospital, Mozang Chungi, Ichhra, Wahdat Road, Gaddafi Stadium, Kalma Chowk, Model Town I, Model Town II, General Hospital and will end at Hamza Town near Kahna

Orange Line

Pakistan Mint to Sabzazar via Shahnur, Awan Town, Hinjarwal, Niaz Beg, Canal View, Wahdat Road, Ali Town, Salahuddin Road, Bund Road, Islam Park, Dera Gujjran Depot, Mahmood Booti, Salamatpura, Samanabad, Gulshan Ravi, Chauburji, Lake Road, Lakshami Chowk, Central Railway Station, Sultanpura, UET, Baghbanpura and Shalimar Garden areas.

The length of Orange Line would also be 27-km out of which, 6.9 km long tracks would be underground, while 20.2 km-long would be overhead upon which six underground and 20 overhead stations would be established.

The central interchange station of Green and Orange lines would also be established besides linking these lines at Ring Road, railway station, airport, and Sports City.

The completion dates of ‘Orange Line’ is in 2015. Initial estimates are that 245,000 people annually would benefit from the Orange Train.

Purple Line

The route length of Purple line is going to be 19 km. Purple line would start from Bhaati Chowk and end at Allama Iqbal International Airport. The line would pass through Bhaati Chowk, Brandreth Road, Railway Station, Allama Iqbal Road, Dharampura, Saddar, Ghosia Colony, PAF Officer Colony, Al-Faisal Town,Rangers Head Quarter, Zarar Shaheed (Ghazi) Road and end at Allama Iqbal International Airport

Blue Line

The route length of blue line is going to be 24 km. The ‘Blue Line’ will start from Chauburji and end at College Road, sources said, adding that from Chauburji the line would pass through Mozang Chungi, Shadman Chowk, Jail Road, Mian Boulevard Gulberg, Mian Boulevard Garden Town, Faisal Town and end at College Road.

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