Latin America – A Paradise For Men – Dating Foreign Women in Latin America

First of all, the ratios of women to men favor men in Latin America; There are many facts and statistics that back up this claim, but one simple way to prove this is true is to simply take a trip and look around. If you want to complete facts and figures you can find them in the breakthrough book titled “The Global Dating Revolution.”

The point is, in many Latin American countries, you will find out that there are many more women then men. This means the local women have to fight it out for the fewer men, and in many cases, these women need to really work on their personalities, physical appearance, and there charisma just to win over the men in their environment.

Ironically, in the U.S (and in similar nations like Canada, and Australia) it’s the men who have to work overtime to win over the ladies. Many men in the U.S. are studying “game”, working on there “social skills”, building their bodies in gyms, working hard to make more money to impress the ladies, just to beat out the tough competition. It’s no surprise, with more men then women in most areas of the US, it’s the complete opposite of what happens in Latin America, where the ladies need to press harder in order to impress the opposite sex.

The second reason, and one that few people are aware of, is what I like to call the youth factor. Very few people know that Latin America happens to be the second youngest region in the world. Yes that is correct, Latin America is right behind Africa as having the youngest populations on Earth! In fact, the median age in most Latin American countries hovers around 21 years (Honduras), 23 (Ecuador), 24 (Bolivia), 25 (Peru), 27 (Colombia), up to 30 (Brazil), and the rest are in the 20’s range. This means that in general there is a more vibrant, younger population throughout Latin America. This is a population filled with young, caring, single ladies who would be a perfect match for you or me.

I think we can all agree that youth is a very important contributing factor to the attractiveness of a woman. Therefore being in a region with a more youthful population would give you access to dating more women in their 20’s and 30’s whereas dating in your local environment, where the median age is hovering around 40, will most likely have you dating women in their 30’s and 40’s.

Now let us look at the some other facts. According to the median age (wikipedia or Google it) of US (36 yrs), Japan (oldest median age on Earth – 42 yrs), Western and Eastern Europe (oldest continent on Earth—with average ages of late 30’s to early 40’s–especially Italy!), you will find more older women in the US and Europe then you will in Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia.

It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? But it is true! And you can ask any guy who has traveled to Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Ecuador, or any other Latin America country and see what they tell you! I myself have been there, and I can assure you, young, good-looking women come a dime a dozen in most Latin American countries. And with a larger population then the US (Latin America population roughly 540 million – 2008 while US has roughly 330 million – 2008) this means there are tens of millions more young women in Latin America then in the US.

Now consider this. In Latin America you have a ratio of women to men that is in your favor, and you also have a higher ratio of young women to older women. But I’m forgetting something here…I’m forgetting something that will make the young attractive women in Latin America vs. young attractive women in US a complete rout!

Yes, something else I forgot to mention! This one thing I forgot to mention is the obesity epidemic. The obesity epidemic is a health crisis that is ravaging the populations of the Unites States as well as other wealthy nations such as Canada and Australia.

Unfortunately, this obesity epidemic puts the nail in coffin as to why Latin American is a paradise for men. With obesity rates in the US climbing to record highs (25% obesity rate in national US—60% overweight rates in national US) while in Latin America obesity is none existent.

This means many of the young women in the US have lost their feminine curves to obesity. This trend leaves far fewer slim, curvy women who most of the men will be chasing after.

As a result, for every one slim curvy (in great shape) young lady in the US (say, early 20’s), there are probably 10 to 15 in Latin America!

With these facts, it’s no surprise why Latin America is the best place on Earth (alongside Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe) for a guy who enjoys living in a city, region and country where beautiful, young women are all over the place!

Not only does this make it wonderful for every guy who wants to meet many beautiful women every day, but it also creates an atmosphere where the women have to work harder then men for a change. Especially if you’re a foreign man! — beyond the scope of today’s article!

Long Live the Global Dating Revolution!


Dan DeLa Cruz

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