Learn What Attracts Women Sexually – The 3 Rules You Should Follow When Attracting Women

Most guys just don’t get it, they don’t get that you actually need to generate attraction with a women sexually in order for her to go out with you. So quickly follow these 3 rules if you want to succeed and learn how to attract women sexually.

Keep On Flirting and Teasing – Most guys never flirt or tease with girls, because they’re scared of making any mistakes that would ruin their chances with her. The truth is the only thing that is going to ruin their chances with her is by not flirting and teasing with women. Women are attracted to a men who can challenge them a little bit.

Don’t Meet Women In Your Work Cloth – A lot of times when I head to the clubs or a bars with a bunch of my female friends, I inevitably get a guy hitting on my friend who looks like he just got off work! And what makes it even worse is that sometimes I even see some guys that looks like they just came from school. When women say the first thing they notice on a men is their style and SHOES, they’re not kidding!

Never Ever Call too Much or Waits to Call – Usually guys falls in to two categories when they get a number from a hot girl. The first guy calls a lot, and text non stop. Never ever do that, you will just appear as a needy and insecure guy.

Second guy likes to wait 4 to 5 day to call so that they don’t appear needy, that’s bad as well. This gets the mind game going, and it pisses women off that you would show interest by asking her number, then wait 3 to 4 day to call. Don’t do that either.

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