Lesbian Ladyboy Shirley loves wearing Chinese qipao

Lesbian Ladyboy Shirley loves wearing Chinese qipao

Lesbian Ladyboy Shirley loves wearing Chinese qipao

The Daily Life of Lesbian Ladyboy Shirley

My name is Shirley. I am a Chinese natural shemale. My girl friends call me a t-girl or transsexual woman. I have two natural feminine small breasts and a degenerated small penis. When I was a child, my mother and I lived in Beijing, the capital of China. My father seldom lived with us. Now I am living in Hong Kong by myself. I can speak fluent Putonghua and Cantonese as well as some English. Although my appearance looks like a man rather than a woman when I clear off the feminine makeups on my face, I do not know why my body looks like a woman more than a man. My breasts are much bigger than a normal man. When I am wearing a man’s
tight fit, my mammae protrude out so much that they look
nearly like a woman. I feel embarrassing in front of men.
At home, I always dress like a woman. I feel comfortable!

Lesbian T-girl Shirley’s Website:

Lesbian T-girl Shirley’s e-mail: sm.ladyboy@yahoo.com.hk

Lesbian T-girl Shirley’s MSN: sm.ladyboy@hotmail.com

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