Lesbian Ladyboy Shirley wearing a dress

Lesbian Ladyboy Shirley wearing a dress

Lesbian Ladyboy Shirley wearing a dress

The Daily Life of Lesbian Ladyboy Shirley

My name is Shirley. I am a Chinese natural shemale. My girl friends call me a t-girl or transsexual woman. I have two natural feminine small breasts and a degenerated small penis. When I was a child, my mother and I lived in Beijing, the capital of China. My father seldom lived with us. Now I am living in Hong Kong by myself. I can speak fluent Putonghua and Cantonese as well as some English. Although my appearance looks like a man rather than a woman when I clear off the feminine makeups on my face, I do not know why my body looks like a woman more than a man. My breasts are much bigger than a normal man. When I am wearing a man’s
tight fit, my mammae protrude out so much that they look
nearly like a woman. I feel embarrassing in front of men.
At home, I always dress like a woman. I feel comfortable!

Lesbian T-girl Shirley’s Website:

Lesbian T-girl Shirley’s e-mail: sm.ladyboy@yahoo.com.hk

Lesbian T-girl Shirley’s MSN: sm.ladyboy@hotmail.com

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