Lifting Light I Scoundrel

Lifting Light I Scoundrel

Lifting Light I Scoundrel

Lifting light vague

-This tale is a fairly reasonably accurate description of a true event that occurred during a Welsh wedding reception some time ago…

-Mention must be made that the expensive looking attire worn by this particular young lady may have helped falsely enhance her jewelry’s appeal as a tempting target.

-Regardless of whether the nicking had been done to tease, or for a hoped for profit !

-Which leads us to the story below: the tone of which is deliberately ambiguous.

It is a retelling: either from the viewpoint of one sibling playing a trick upon another sibling, or the viewpoint of a scoundrel who seeks out profitable opportunities at fancy dress- up affairs.

It is for you, the reader, to guess out….

Title :

Perils of a Living Doll

She was certainly that, a living doll, scurrying about in her fluidly flowing,shiny in the lights, fancy party attire:

An eye catching ensemble made up of a rather glistening emerald green button up back thicke satin blouse with a high ruffled neckline with long sleeves ending in matching ruffles. A long flowing pleated black satin skirt quite nicely completed the darling ensemble.

But very few dolls ever wore jewelry like her’s:

A surprisingly full complement of gleaming white pearls dangle deliciously along her lithe, youthfully curved figure, with her long flowing hair, and a wide eyed doe like curiosity of living life glowing from her pretty face.

Though I had other more pressing business to attend, I kept an eye out on her, relishing each time I caught her in view.

Those baiting pearls kept popping up in my mind when she was out of my sight, making it hard to concentrate fully on anything else!

It was quite in the realm of possibility that those smooth pearls of Her’s were as valuable as they were pretty!

Also knowing the fact that the female in possession of them was quite youthfully gullible, added up to make for an all to tempting target to easily be subtracted from her lustrous possessions !

Being a tad bit assured that somebody else may do the math, and might actually happen to make that subtraction was the reason I waited,with baited breath, to again catch a lingering look to see that she still was in possession of all of them !

Then at the end of another successful work day, as I slipped away, I caught an unexpected final sighting of the girl.

The poor thing had exhausted herself from the busy agendas of her long day looking like a princess,and all that doing so will entail!

Dead Asleep now, peacefully snuggled in on a couch corner, quite isolate, however, not quite alone!

For a girl whom I knew to be her cousin, sat dozing next her.

A girl her age incredibly pretty in a long sleek peach gown, enchantingly wearing what looked like rhinestones, earrings and bracelet, (surprisingly no necklace)! She had now opened her eyes and was looking around incredibly bored.

As I watched she rubbed her eyes, then tugged at the sleeping Lass who did not budge. She rose with a visible sigh and skipping off , her pretty peach colored gown winningly fluttering along her eye catching figure!

Failing to notice me standing nearby in the shadows as she swished past still rubbing her eyes!

Silently I thanked her for being so quite accommodating in leaving her sleeping cousin , and her delectably appealing pearls, quite behind !

It was prime time for that mathematical subtracting I had mentioned earlier!

But then subtracting had always been my best subject, something I was rather keen at doing!

Again on the hunt, I stalked up behind my prey!
I crouched down looked her over from behind.

Her reflection showing up Clearly enough in the polished glass vase on the coffee table in front of her as I silently had treaded in from behind!

Amazingly it appeared, she had made it though the gauntlets of the day with all her pearls in place.

Even when she and her cousin , the girl in peach satin, had startlingly snuck outside to swing on a nearbye schools playground, they had fortunately come back in unscathed!

Untouched by the rather dark lurking elements that sometimes will creep in from societies shadowy outer fringe to feed upon the richly dressed unwary!

Since I won’t deny my desires probably made me a loosely connected part of that rather unconventional brotherhood at times, I still took a personal interest in making sure she came to no distress .

And so I had taken the time to lecture them for taking on such perils , whilst secretly harboring a desire to lift away the very pearls I was scolding her for taking a risk on losing by playing outside!

I now, of course gently sat down on the opposite end of the couch, watching her and the surroundings, planning my strategy.

For this type of subtracting, the distraction for the victim was her sleep.

I only had to make sure my moves along her figure were as nimble as can be and used the lest amount of pressure to work off what I was after!

Also a rule was to keep an eye on any subtle changes in her breathing or movement as I worked!

This would tip me off that it was time to leave with what jewels of hers I had in hand , regrettably leaving the rest perched in place as she was waking!

I saw her cousin quite aways off, she did not appear to be concerned or coming back anytime soon, leaving me a window opened for opportunity!

So I gently, with growing anticipation, slowly inched closer, my earlier desires now sharply reawakening!

Finally Reaching her sleep warmed figure, I ventured in to gently caress her arm, tingling encased in her emerald satin sleeve with its daintily ruffled end.

The young darling did not stir at my cool fingers touch as I eyeballed her wrists bracelet and ringed fingers!

Normally I would have gone for her necklace first, followed by her earrings, since in that order they are usually the most valuable of the jewels a lady would wear!

A procedure I had observed a thief carry out on two different ladies at the same venue! It was watching his moves that had effectively whetted my appetite for this game!

But , in this one’s case, I had an inkling that her bracelets and rings(especially the diamond one on her left pinky) that as a whole, may be the more advantageous route to proceed in case I had to face an early retreat !

I moved my fingers tingling down the sleeve of her right arm that lay upon her lap, carefully peeling back the ruffles to reach the pearled bracelet.

I then moved that bracelet up over her sleeve before lifting it, than delicately slipping it around until the diamond studded clasp was exposed.

Licking my lips I snapped it open, leaving the ends dangle as I moved my hand away and sat looking at her from the corner of my eye!

She kept on breathing heavily with no tell tale signs of waking up soon!

No one was paying our little corner any heed!

I reached over and taking up the bracelets end used the smoothness of her sleeve and her satin skirt between which it was sandwiched, and easily peeled it away !

I Let it lay on her lap, drooling over the pretty thing !

Then I reached down in again, curling my fingers around hers. Ever so delicately, one by one, slowly slipped off her shimmering rings from along each nuckle, feeling my heart beating with exhlileration, until they each were worked free ,laying them one by one on her black pleated satin clad lap till they all lay in a glittery group together!

Her left arm was at her side, and I gingerly grasped it and lifted it limply onto her lap to join her other.

I sat back for a minute, she wasn’t stirring, the cousin was still a distance away.

I went back to work.

Carefully I slipped off her other bracelet, laying it over my growing take. Then I lifted her pinky, where a glittery ring set with 3 dainty diamonds had been sparkling merrily as she had scurried about!

I easily worked it off , having it join in with the collection I had already neatly slipped off from her.

I took a deep exhale of breath of the air I had been holding, then reaching in, scooped them all up from her downy soft lap inside my cupped hand in one fluid motion.

As I pocketed them I watched her necklace do it’s dangly dance.

A fine double strand of glistening perfection laying their ever so elegantly up against the sheer front of her lush emerald green satin blouse.

Both strands dripping down from beneath her blouses’ elegantly ruffled neckline !

The matched strands dangled together just below her heaving chest. Held together by a round diamond set pin about halfway up on the right side.

The rich material of her form fitted blouse pleasurably outlined her petite young curves, with the enticingly baiting pearls adding a very nice accent to the overall picture.

It almost was a shame to relive her neck of the richly gleaming burden.


Before making my move I delicately reached over and slipping my fingers underneath the strands, feeling her chest rise up and down in its gently moving heaves, lifted them up for the second time that day , I again drooled over them a bit before making my move…

I slid in daringly closer, placing my arm so it lay on the couch around behind her back.

As I watched around us from the front my fingers worked hidden from behind, locating the jeweled clasp , then prying it open, looking down at her I let the loose ends slither down along her shoulders. The pearls slipped away with an almost silent swish down the front of her slick blouse where they curled up in a dainty nestling pile upon her sleepy shiny lap.

I froze, ready to exit, but she did not stir from her dreams!

Far too exhausted to be awakened by my practiced subtle extraction of her jewelry !

I studied the piled up pearls for a few satisfying seconds,congratulating me on a job well done, well half done actually!

Then I reached in and neatly plucked the gleaming double strand free from where they lay nestled in to finish it!

As I was doing so I now felt something sharply hard inside her skirt against the back of my hand.

I looked it over as I pocketed her pearls and spied a pocket of her own in the side of her skirt, hidden in the pleats .

Wondering what it held, I eagerly pried it open and reached inside and surprisingly came away with a glittery rhinestone necklace !

“Whats this then luv?” I thought silently questioning her as I admire the pretty sparklers.

A necklace as pretty as this belonged around the throat of a girl dressed up fancy, like the one wearing the luxurious peach gown who had been sitting next to her !

Looking up at her angelic face I wondered what games of her own this pretty miss had been up to as I pondered vexingly whether to keep or return her sparkling trophy?

As I made my decision I saw her earrings peeping out .

That was all that was left to take, her pearled earrings with the diamond clasp ! Fortunately her delicate ears were not pierced, which may have been more of a sticky wicket encumbering their removal!

But still this might be tricky enough, her long silky soft hair held them for the most part safely inside.

I looked around then got up and went behind her and put the mirrored vase to use.

Picking up a strand of her hair I watched as I tickled her nose with it. She stirred, and without really waking, pulled her hair back away from her ears Nicely exposing her beautiful twin pearled earrings for an easy lift.

With a touch as delicate as any surgeon’s I reached around and gently pulled as I slipped off each one in turn.

Amazed at how easily they freely slipped off each slightly sweat glistened earlobe!

I cheerfully pocketed them.

Then spent some time watching her figure in my safe haven behind her, making good use of the mirror to assure myself nothing of value had been missed or overlooked !

Her tightly fitting attire still was glistening shiny, but starkly bear naked now that her gleaming jewels had been all been nicked clean away.

This had been almost too easy, not that I was complaining, for it had been a most enjoyably scintillating , guiltily pleasurable, game of it!

I looked around, planning my exit.

Then I spied something glittering in a far corner!

I recognized it as the diamond bracelet being regally worn by her errant cousin! I decided on following in to capture a better last look at the satin peach clad vixen!

Perhaps I may have to ‘bump’ into her and take the ‘opportunity’ to, with feeling, compliment her on her fetchingly pretty attire!

Toodles I endearingly said in silence to the sleeping doll’s shimmery figure still snuggled into the couch,biding her a fond adieu as I walked away, feeling my pockets nicely weighted down with her still warm purloined pearls!

Still finding amazement over the quantity and apparent quality of the jewelry that my victim had been allowed to wear out daringly alone this particular evening !


Not much later the girl did stir, stretching and yawning. Then laid her hands back onto her Lap, covered as it was in her midnight black pleated satin skirt.

She flexed her fingers along its luxurious length, relishing in the skirts satiny feel.

She looked around. Something was not quite right. Where was her cousin?

As she thought this she reached up to rub her eyes, than gasped…

She was looking at her hands, shocked , her bracelets were gone, and her rings, including her small one set with diamonds!

In her bewilderment she still was feeling cobwebbed from sleep as she, with a puzzled frown, reached up and ran her fingers through her long hair…

Hold on, where are my bloody earrings. Then she felt at her throat! Her necklace of pearls were no longer there, she felt down the front of her shiny blouse to confirm that the strands we’re no longer dangling down!

With a sinking feeling she realized that her pearls, all of them were gone!

And she had a pretty good idea of who had the Gaul to have spirited them away like this

The wanker she hissed under her breath as she mentally pictured her twin brother who liked to play lifting games and picking off items from her, like her jewelry.

He has been up to no good again, even though he had promised he would be in best behaviors after she caught him earlier!

For he had already lifted the rhinestone necklace of thier similarly aged girl cousin wearing a pretty gown of peach satin.

Taking it as he had danced with her!

She had seen him, and demanded he had hand it back to her!

Sulking over being caught and scolded out, he had given it to his twin and tasked her to be the one to somehow sneak it back to their cousin!

Which she had forgotten to do and her hand darted inside her silky skirts pocket to feel for the rhinestone necklace.

Nope it was still there, so she still had that job to do also!!!

She actually did not mind his games , rather the opposite actually! Just had felt a bit jealous he had danced with their cousin over her first !

And now she believed he had lifted her pearls in retaliation for her scolding him!

Of all the bloody Cheek!

That her brother had his eyes her pearls, and the downy softness of her sleekly pretty party outfit was no mystery!

She knew this because he had kept teasingly prodding her, touching at her pearls, on the long drive here as both had been sitting wedged in the back seat of papa’s small sports car.

Though she had also been an antagonist herself, intentionally giving him reasons to grasp her As she squirmed away, knowing full well it was triggering the desires to lift her jewelry that he was trying so hard to suppress with their parents seated up front!

Mum had only to tell them once to settle down, turning around to scold them, the diamonds in her earrings glittering as madly as she was only pretending to be at her children!

Those earrings were very pretty, too pretty to be kept at home. Papa had to go to a bank to get them, along with my pearls!

Thinking the word “bank” made her jump to her feet, as suddenly a cold realization swept over her!

The razor thin feelings that divided between the delicious chills of guilty pleasure that her pearls had been nicked and the cold stark reality of the punishment she would get for losing them if the parents saw her first before she got them back!

No matter how they had been lost!

Now fully wide awake, with a straightening of her glittering long shiny midnight black pleated skirt, she hurried off to call him out !

Or at least that is what she down deep hoped that was all she had to do to get them from him!

For an unsettling inkling was now forming queasily in her gut that it just conceivably may not have been her brother who had lifted her pearls.

For her mum had not really been happy with her insisting to wear them out this evening.

Thinking she may be a bit too young to be wearing them without her parents presence!

For mum and papa were a part of the bridal party and would not be able to keep close eyes themselves on her and her brother!

And it was only with her brothers suspiciously eager promise to keep an eye on her, that she was given permission!

Her mum also had not known about the small diamond ring she had smuggled out of the house to put her on finger once when her parents were finally not around!

She had been lectured to take great care of her fine jewelry, which of course she hadn’t , playing around like she was back at home and not attending a posh reception!

Then she had snuck off to the playground with their cousin, without her brothers knowledge !

And her brother had lectured her when she had admitted to him where she had disappeared off too. Probably mad because he would have like to have been included in!

And then….

Speaking of being scolded…!

She suddenly remember the icy stern lady in a red silk dress , whom she had not recognized, but apparently had seen the girls sneaking off outside to play!

Chillingly she recalled the penetrating look she her and her girl cousin had receive from that strange lady with severe hair and eyes who had caught them sneaking back in after being outside at the playground!

She had admonished them for going off alone dressed like they were!

As she scolded she pawed at the slick fabrics of the girls fancy dress attire caressing them over with clammy fingers, then had lifted my pearl necklace up like she was going to take it for safe keeping.

She doesn’t of course, but it had been a very unsettling experience for both of the startled doe eyed young girls !

But that lady had so unnervingly acted like my pearls belonged with her, she remembered with unsettling clarity!

But of course she was being silly, only men would have a desire to take a girl’s jewels, right!?

That’s the way it appeared on the telle show they had watched once!

But there had been plenty of men there, strangers who had stopped what they were doing and look them over as she and her cousin darted in and out amongst them
In the crowded ballroom.

Most had commented how pretty the pair looked, others just turned away with thoughtful looks on their smug mugs.

Now with a fast growing bit of nagging anxiety , pensively still feeling her still naked ears and the chillingly bare neckline of her ultra-soft satin blouse for still peskily non existent pearls , she urgently sought out her twin brother.

Needing to be assured that he had been indeed up to his tricks and would reunite her with them.

And in doing so, to be relived of her new concerns over the worrisome idea someone else may actually have been responsible for her missing bank vault worthy pearls!

Some unknown individual whose intentional reasons for nimbly lifting them off as she had slept would probably not involve giving them back to her!!

With these uncomfortable swirling thoughts she looked with suspicion through the crowd of handsomely attired guests!

Spotting the peach satin gown her cousin was wearing, she quickly swished to catch up and enlist her help!


As she did so, the one who had a small cache of guests jewels hidden away in a deep pocket, was watching , with a secret grin, this recent victim’s shiny green and black attired figure’s worried progress from her couch, while standing a reassuringly safe distance away!

Watching with a wicked smirk as she was reaching the equally prettily attired young girl clad so elegantly in peach satin .

The one who had deserted her cousin from the couch leaving her unguarded as she slept.

The one who had turned away blushing,so winningly as the person had so eloquently complimented her while holding her arm to give added meaning to a false sincerity !

The one who in a matter of minutes was probably about to realize that her cousin was not the only one to have had several of her jewels mysteriously taken from her elegantly clad person!

Smirking at these thoughts, with a rather proud cockiness over this evenings accomplishments, shown in a happily haughty demeanor!

The person standing in the shadows slowly moved in , mulling over that in addition to subtracting, there was nothin like a good old fashion game of cat and mouse!


Now, not everyone likes an open ending to a story…

So If anyone would like to know what the real life solution was to the mystery of who took her jewelry, and whether she got it back , please ask in the comments section and I will privately email the answer

The Ed’s…

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