Lili from Belgrade by Jasmina Tesanovic

Lili from Belgrade by Jasmina Tesanovic

Lili from Belgrade by Jasmina Tesanovic

I am just a girl
from outskirts of belgrade
all my loving goes
one day it’s gonna end
while i despair
of you my friend
your tender hand
your loud brass band
i m waiting in our land
your lili from belgrade

you march in the world
conquering all the lands
fighting like a hero
killing all your friends
i’m just a girl
from outskirts
from other times
and other worlds
your darling from belgrade
your lili from belgrade

while you’re in a ditch
you call all women bitch
when your soldiers rape
a bitch cannot escape
think of your girl
of outskirts
of tender words,
of sweetest booze
your darling from belgrade
of lili of belgrade

belgrade under siege
invadors uniforms
slavic girls to please
whatever comes their home
you don’t protect
me here my friend
my tender bed
our loud brass band
your girl from outskirts
your lilil from belgrade

lovers under bombs
by the barrack gate
i am not waiting there
because you ‘re full of hate
twas there i told you
come back home
to your homeland
don t be madman
because i will not wait
i’m lili from belgrade

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