Lola - Bedtime Stories

Lola – Bedtime Stories

The final shoot of the day involved a sexy bed shoot with Lola. The original plan was to do a beach shoot with lola and her friend. The weather was pretty gloomy that day so the beach was called off. Lola having the urge to shoot wanted to do something and while i already had the hotel booked and paid for i gave her the idea we could do a sexy bed shoot. She was game and we got to it. As i started testing the light and checking my lcd screen i knew it was going to turn out amazing. There are times when you just know you have some winners on your hand and can’t wait to get editing. This is by far Lola’s and I best shoot and she was really one her game for this one. I decided to shoot until my card ran out and even then i just didn’t want to stop. Lola’s shoot turned out to be the icing on the cake to an amazing day.

Strobist: sb-800 in a foldable softbox 1/2 power. sb-600 1/2 power in a bounce back umbrella. trigged by nikon cls

Posted by herobyday on 2010-10-29 06:10:44

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