Love and Sex Today Podcast – #16 Six Types of Cheaters | With Dr. Doug Weiss

Love and Sex Today Podcast – #16 Six Types of Cheaters | With Dr. Doug Weiss

Love and Sex Today Podcast – #16 Six Types of Cheaters | With Dr. Doug Weiss

This is podcast #16 of the “Love and Sex Today” show on the six types of cheaters. I am Dr. Doug Weiss, and I have healed hearts and relationships for decades by helping thousands of people enjoy a better sex and love life. This series of podcasts is about making you and your relationships better. Let’s talk about cheaters and their characteristics. There are six types of cheaters.

1. Hunter cheaters. Hunters look for a specific “type” of person to pursue. Men might go after weak women. Women might go after men who are physically fit, successful, or status based.

2. Nice/caring cheaters. Nice and caring cheaters want to help you with your life. They offer to help you with your life, work, challenges, family, and projects while they use you to meet their emotional and relational needs.

3. Wounded cheaters. This type of cheater is the opposite of the nice cheater. They are so lonely, hurt, and desperate for attention that they attract people like a giant black hole that sucks in anyone who is interested or tries to “help” them.

4. Fetish cheaters. People interested in fetishes will seek out other people who also are interested in that specific behavior or subject. These cheaters usually pursue partners online, in chatrooms, or other related venues.

5. Opportunist cheaters. These cheaters look for other people who are willing to cheat. There are very few common factors in their targets besides the fact that they are willing to be with them.

6. Professional cheaters. This last type of cheater makes use of escorts, prostitutes, and other companion services. They use these services because if they are paying for a service, i doesn’t have the consequences, guilt, or love attached to it.

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