Made To Love - Chris Rodriguez

Made To Love – Chris Rodriguez

There are 2 ways you can look at this song, one being a song about a girl who has had her heartbroken too many times but she is in need still and putting herself in a box isn’t going to help her problem of a broken heart. Women call this playing safe, but safe isn’t always the right fix.

Another way, is anyone, any person, male or female, who needs love from God. God will heal anything that you are going through, “a closet wasn’t made to hide your soul” either hiding from God because you are scared of punishment not knowing He is there to show the love you much deeply desire, that you can’t get from any other source but Him.

**These are all my opinions not the artist’s.
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Produced/Shot/Edited/CC by Ben Lindsey
Sound Engineer: Ramis Emmanuel Mercado

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