Making Your Voice Deeper – Surgery, Pills Or Training?

Making Your Voice Deeper – Surgery, Pills Or Training?

Making Your Voice Deeper – Surgery, Pills Or Training?

Having a voice problem can steal your social status and reduce your social power. A man with a deep crisp consistent voice typically gets credibility and trust even if they don’t deserve it simply because to the human ear, a deep crisp voice sounds sincere.

It is true to a certain extent, that voice timber is reflective of the inner attitude of confidence and “sureness” in a particular individual. For those that don’t need medical assistance, this voice deepening can be achieved by using techniques and exercises that can literally transform the environment of the larynx.

Some men however may be suffering this affliction due to a lack of testosterone in their body. There was a recent study that correlated a high voice with depression and the cause of depression in men in a significant number of cases is a lack of testosterone.

For the majority however, it is more of an attitudinal problem and not medical. For this group there are non surgical and non pharmaceutical answers to the issues however, there is strong benefit in simple confidence. Social confidence can do a lot to alleviate the symptom of squeaky, high pitched voice and can actually repair the problem to a large extent.

The voice box after all is a muscle group and these muscles can easily be trained and strengthened to a large degree and that is the type of therapy that should be sought if getting a deeper voice is your goal. When the voice box is relaxed and limber, it can produce a better quality sound, much like a guitar string that is wound lower to produce a lower sound.

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