Male Punishment He Will Really Hate

A frequently misunderstood part of the game of male chastity is “male punishment” – in essence, what the woman does if the man doesn’t do as he’s told.

But what is “male punishment” and is it actually real?

First, let me say there’s a fundamental presupposition even in asking the question that may not even be valid – for to assume “punishment” is even possible you have to first assume the woman is even in a position to “punish” her husband.

And, as the saying goes, “it ain’t necessarily so“.

I say this because couples living the male chastity lifestyle are not necessarily in dominant/submissive (D&S) relationships.

Many couples, as my husband and I do, and, indeed, as many men and women who write to me do, too, practice what you might call “vanilla male chastity”, where orgasm denial, teasing and all that goes along with it are rightly viewed as nothing more serious than a sexy game played out over days, weeks, months and sometimes even years.

But, that aside, let’s assume for a moment you are in a D&S relationship incorporating male chastity and your man somehow breaks a “rule” and deserves “male punishment”.

What do you do?

Well, what you don’t do is what men are writing about on forums and blogs all the time – you don’t give them more of what they enjoy or want. If you do that, how is it punishment?

To my way of thinking punishment is something you don’t want, by definition. I mean, you don’t “punish” an errant child by buying her a new outfit or taking her for a special treat, do you?

No, you perhaps ground her for a week, confiscate her computer and phone, and have her coming home from school and instead of watching television doing all those horrible chores you’ve been putting off for months. I know from experience that is real punishment and she really doesn’t like it – which is entirely the whole point!

Too many men see “male punishment” as actually being the realisation of their hottest fantasies (if you don’t believe me, check out all the forums and you’ll see I’m right!).

So, What is Real Male Punishment?

First, let me say I don’t ever intentionally punish my husband, because it’s not that kind of relationship. Some people have written to me saying I should deny his orgasm for longer, tease him more or even cuckold him… but seeing as he enjoys all of these (or would enjoy the last if I’d ever do it, which I won’t), none of them would be punishment.

Having said that, I have found, quite by accident, that a ruined orgasm is a good way to teach a man in male chastity a lesson.

What Is a Ruined Orgasm?

A ruined orgasm is where you take your man right to that point of no return and then as he starts to come and cannot possibly prevent it… you stop whatever you’re doing to stimulate him and let his orgasm spend itself without further stimulation.

To us girls that doesn’t sound like much, but believe me, your man will really, truly, and honestly hate it. There are two reasons for this:

  1. It’s physically incredibly frustrating. He’s almost having a proper orgasm… but not quite. And the longer he’s been waiting, the worse it will be. You’d think he’ll get some “relief” from it… but believe me, he won’t.
  2. It’s emotionally frustrating, too. A man’s orgasm is all-consuming and often the entire focus of his sexuality. When he’s been in orgasm denial for a long time, he is really looking forward to a stupendous, mind-blowing orgasm. And you’ve just ruined it.

In Conclusion

If you want to live the male chastity lifestyle and you think some form of male punishment is both necessary and desirable, then it’s no point giving him something he wants, like longer denial or even a good spanking. In my experience a ruined orgasm is a perfect “male punishment” for your man – simply because he’ll hate it (and not in an “I love it” kind of way…).

So, if you’re sick and tired of all the hype and nonsense you read about the lifestyle, and you’d like to experience real male punishment and strict male chastity then…

Source by Sarah Jameson

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