Map of Me interview extract 2 - Rosemary Harris and Azfa Awad

Map of Me interview extract 2 – Rosemary Harris and Azfa Awad

In extract 2 of 3 short video interviews writers and performers Rosemary Harris and Azfa Awad chat about Map of Me, their heartfelt story of migration. They explain more about the challenges of Map of Me and reveal what audiences can expect when they come and see the show.

From baking African deserts to the snow angels of a UK winter, this emotional and heartfelt story of migration reveals one girl’s hopeful flight into a new life. Two very different characters find common ground within the poetry of the streets, and the audience becomes the prized confidante on a young girl’s journey, where each step towards security is fraught with danger, prejudice and the unknown.

Map of Me explores how a displaced child finds a sense of self and belonging, in a moving and uplifting show written from real-life experiences of young asylum seekers. It tells the story of a young girl fleeing war in her homeland as she seeks safety, identity and a place to call home.

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